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Solo Da cizznezz No Ceilings  NoCeilings,,#7132693213, cameraman @biggda

Free my Lil Homie 1time If u Roccin wit Him dm me 4 da address serious inquires only cuHz He says boyz dun4 got about Him an free my lil Patna Lil ray ray on da pic wit Him see y’all on da 29th 3420 rusk st 5-11

Excuse da blurryness of da video I ain’t good wit da internet recording an excuse da fact me an Trey-d @lance.henry.3386 ain’t makin no songs to make u do da stanky leg but if u in da field,struggle,etc u gotta actually listen 👂2 da song it’s call Die scar well ce performing this live at @youngeasynsc carshow sept29 s/o @hardbodykiotti @979thebox for runnnin sum reality music da #Noceilings way @biggda @jdawgnoceilings @loco_suc @djmichaelwatts @lilmario44 @dbando_cbs @respect_noceilings 💪🏿💪🏿🐗

LINK IN2 @loco_suc bio rite now an CHecc out His new video stay on my grind feat (me) @solodacizznezz and @jdawgnoceilings filmed by @biggda Repost @loco_suc with @get_repost
We Not Stoppin , We Can’t Stop , We Want Stop ... #StayOnMyGrind and I got my people with me ... 🙏🏽💙💪🏽💪🏽💙♿️🧡💪🏽 #LosFt Mike C , Solo Da Cizz , JDawg Produce 6y my 6rother Manek / Stay On My Grind Off my Dedication al6um available everywhere ... #LongLiveMaccGrace🙏🏽💙🙏🏽 #LongLiveKingScrew🔩💙🔩 Dope ass visual shot 6y Da fam @biggda comin soon... We On 1 ,We Do It for da Macc, We Do It For King Screw and all the rest of the fallen soldiers 🔩💙 ... #HtownShit it’s not Souf & Nawf No More , It’s #Htown🤘🏽...

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tHinkin a6out droppin tHis 6ad m/fucca tHis Friday ... wHat y’all tHink🤔🧐... it’s 6een on my mind & we said tHis past Saturday we would drop it Friday 6ut I don’t know 🤔, tryin to see wHat y’all tHink ... #ReturnOfRealMusic #NoRapNiccazAloud🙅🏽‍♂️ #Dedication on all streaming sites and Hard Copies on decc get at me r get tHem at the World 🌎 Famous @screwed_up_records #StayOnMyGrind Los ft Mike C , Solo Da Cizznezz , J Dawg ... Family affair on tHis tracc...🙏🏽💙💪🏽 #LongLiveMaccGrace🙏🏽💙🙏🏽

Link in @hogglif3_52 bio an checc out da letter to Uncle Sam on SoundCloud an spinarella #solid album comin soon Repost @hogglif3_52 with @get_repost
#linkinbio #mymixtapes #cliccplay #hogglif3 #Hogglif3entertainment #lettertoouncleSam

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Link in2 @youngeasynsc bio 4Tickets aswell plus dey on deck now man more than 2 im dropping off !!! (And me an jdawg can not get boyz in so get at young easy for da ticcets #2ndAnnualScrewedUpCultureFest
@solodacizznezz @jdawgnoceilings @loco_suc @doughbeezy @5thwardjp20 and @youngeasynsc in the building!!!

A letter 2 Uncle Sam by @hogglif3_52 gotta support it HIP OG SAM👉🏾👈🏾💤🐗🐗

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Link in @youngeasynsc bio for tickets and I will have physical copies as well in 2 days!!! The 2nd Annual Screwed Up Fest put together by my nigga CG promotions featuring some of Houstons very own such as J Dawg Esg Young Ea$y Doughbeezy 5thwardJp And Solo come out you don’t want too miss the dopest event @lonestarslab will be pulling out there whole line slab contest 50$ too enter with a chance too win 500$ prize so bring out all the slabs for who ever wanna enter !! @jdawgnoceilings @esgworld @doughbeezy @5thwardjp20 @youneasynsc @solodacizznezz @loco_suc will also be in attendance update flyer coming soon !!! @djlildallas

#Repost @lance.henry.3386 with @get_repost This 1 of my Sw Patna’s in rhyme Mr 9502 Woodfair Trey-d fresh off locc an we got sum 🔥🔥 #Noceilngs way Jus u Incase u fogot rewind bacc2 king of da ghetto an press play on in my prime @z_ro feat My boy Trey-d @lance.henry.3386 ・・・
@hardbodykiotti @blackcardsteveo @sidangelo @979thebox @maddhatta979 @jmacworldwide

S/o @jdawgnoceilings gettin sumthin like a lifetime achievement award well overdue well deserved cig s/o @ombbloodbath puttin it2 gether 💪🏿💪🏿 #noceilings comin soon we got cig plans 🙏🏿🙏🏿

S/o my Cro @jdawgnoceilings always celived in a nigga since we was cellys in da Yungsta tank goin in decades later we stayin free puttin this no ceilings in motion an we got big thangs goin down stayed tuned @lilmario44 @lance.henry.3386 we bringin sum heat s/o @biggda on da cam Repost @biggda with @get_repost
These are some characters @jdawgnoceilings @solodacizznezz @loco_suc with @skyladawndotcom @zeaky_bobby @chillteeshouston on @damagecontroltx I forgot I recorded it #freekendro

FREE BG FRIDAY dat boy was humble playa an solid den a mf down dere wit us in da Feds an he luv Htown @new_bghollyhood boy walk-in down dat bid tho 💪🏿💪🏿doin wtf he wanna free Blount 2 #noceilings #freebgfriday

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