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Checkout this account @nyx_surf #nuxsurf

Shoutout to Nyx Surf #nyxsurf ->follow for daily posts of nature and for a laugh

New flick‼️

Tag a mate that needs these‼️

New combo‼️ Tag your mates‼️😉😐😁‼️

Would you buy them⁉️

Hi guys, sorry about not posting anything I was away. I hope you like this video‼️😎⚽️👍 🌳 It was a bit frustrating at first with my Magistas because they were new and I wasn't getting the feel, but over time I got use to them😉⁉️‼️#newboots #nike #magistasorange

New magistas and ball⁉️‼️

What a save‼️ Comment out of 10 how awesome that save was‼️👍⚽️ Tag a Mate that would want to see this⁉️ @harry_wisk @edward_grayling

What a save‼️😂😂😂 🌳Tag someone that messes up without even trying‼️ @harry_wisk @edward_grayling

Part 3 Free-kick volume 1‼️ Hope you enjoy‼️ Tag a mate that always dives in the penalty box‼️😂😂 @harry_wisk @edward_grayling

Part 2 of Free-kick volume 1‼️ Hope you enjoy‼️💪⚽️😎 Tag a mate that loves Chelsea FC‼️@harry_wisk @edward_grayling

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