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Chapter 6:

Anya was sent to entice a current cell for intel, he had been hiding information from the KGB. She must extract it at any cost. He was compromised.
She approached the sleazy KGB operative as she gets out of her car, Anya opens her jacket to reveal her sexy physique in lingerie.
I want you to take advantage of me right here and show me how dirty your hands can get.
Da! Come here and let me show you.
She walks towards him and slowly strips, and he slaps her so hard she loses her balance and falls to the ground. (Anya must stay submissive)
Is this dirty enough for you Anya? Tell
Me you want more!
Photography/creative direction/story by moi

Chapter 5:
The drop;
She would meet one of her fellow KGB cells to pick the details and defense she needed to complete her mission. One of Anya’s gifts has always been that she was quite the charmer. If looks could kill... Photography/creative direction by moi

Chapter 4:
Anya touched down in America.
Her first stop is to meet with her Russian connect in Manhattan to attain the details of her mission. The last time Anya was in America, she almost didn’t make it back.
Photography/ creative direction by moi

@etienneortega @makeupbybrookehill @marateigen

Chapter 3:
It’s been 4 years since Anya’s parents were brutally murdered by the Russian government. She was a 17 yr old orphan. Anya had no immediate family that was ready to feed another mouth. Naturally, she was indicted into the KGB as she begged them to help her. Anya was left with nothing but the horrid memory of her parents being murdered in her presence. Most people that know Anya, can only describe her in a very simple way. She’s mysterious, yet her eyes scream with sadness.

Creative Direction/ photography/story by me.
Hair @etienneortega
Mua @makeupbybrookehill
Model/actress @marateigen

Chapter 2:
Anya has been commissioned by the KGB to fly to America. She was induced into the “Alpha Group”, which was an elite task force that would carry out secret and dangerous missions for the USSR. Anya’s mission was to seduce & kidnap a very powerful figure in the US government.  This was one of many operations she has been part of…however this time, it would change her life forever.

Creative direction/photography + story by me.
Hair @etienneortega
Mua @makeupbybrookehill
Model/actress @marateigen

Chapter One:
Anya; a young woman raised in the slums of Golyanovo, Moscow. A place considered one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the world. She’s lived a life of brutality as her family is directly involved in communistic crimes for her country. She is a patriot.
Creative direction + photography by me.
Hair @etienneortega
Mua @makeupbybrookehill

@meshki campaign

Abaolutely adore this campaign I shot for @meshki and my Charlie’s angels. @sofiajamora @rona_mahal @sydneyjharper

@prettylittlething aus commercial 🌴🌞
DP @jmaughan

@mariogotze ⚽️ directed / edited by moi

In honor of a champ and this years World Cup ⚽️ @mariogotze x @nike

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