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Patrick Solis  hacked 🐣

When it’s the end of the year and all you want to do is eat but your mom wants to take pictures of the food and ends up taking a video of this

Something special

This is the first time that I am actually happy with my own choreography. It’s not the greatest nor the cleanest, but it was the funnest one to make.
I’ve always been so hard on myself when it came to dancing. This time I really had to take a step back and realize how far I came. Just like with any skill, it takes time and patients to improve. With a little motivation from one little person that believed in me from the beginning, I am finally be proud of what I made.
This one’s for you @cy_duck 🤮

What’s the verdict?
It was bad, but I’ll post it anyways.

Here’s to the last Modern Workshop as a student! It’s been real!
Choreographers: @ajpaquia @janaeisajellin 🎥: @dehbruh


It was a pleasure to perform again with @cy_duck for her goddaughter's first birthday! It was fun and enjoyable time for the little ba"bee" girl floating around in the background
I'm not tripping about tripping on my own foot because it's pretty funny honestly #patrip

Closest we got to them Japanese Festivals you see in them anime shows

Happy Mother's Day!!! Here's a fun story that just happened on why my mom is special to me. After she and my dad watched PCN, I asked my mom if she cried.
Mom: "Oh I did! I cried when I saw you playing the drums!!"
Me: "Wait, so you cried when you saw me playing the drums but not when I was crying my eyeliner off on stage while singing Iingatan Ka??"
Mom: "Of course! I didn't know my baby boy knows how to play the drums! When I saw you I was so proud!"

Happy Birthday @cy_duck!!!

Thank you for the memories. I will be forever grateful that you all accepted being a part of the aspects that I was directing. Each one of you show hard work and determination to improve yourselves through each practice. I can say from day one, every one of you has grown into an incredible performer. This is my first and last time directing and having you all made this journey a memorable one. And thank you for accepting my jokes and my weirdness. I appreciate and love every single one of you and watching you on that stage made me so proud. I hope you all learned something valuable and kept something precious from this year's PCN. I definitely learned to be a leader and kept a lot of memories just from being with you all.

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