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La Quanna Cooper  LIVING in GRATITUDE |Stealing ❤️ 2018🤭 Team 🏋🏽‍♀️|Soulcycle addict|BLACKGIRL 💫

When you got to remind Yo kids you ain’t playing with them!! Time to pull all 🔌🤷🏽‍♀️☺️ but will do it in a sassy way since they want to be cute with it😜

Remember to SMILE😁❤️


Coconut🥥 butta✌🏾


Super proud of all the hard work this young man of mines is putting in! It’s go TIME✌🏾@2seany0 @officialsbball thank you for the footage..



7/17/98 12:43PM You came into my world 20 years ago and changed my life FOREVA! ❤️ you to the 🌙💫 Proud of the young lady you are growing into. Keep focused and the 🌎 is yours 😘 my little beauty🤗


SENSATIONAL📽📽 T-5 days until the return to Sin City to celebrate birthday fun with my PIC @mizsimmons


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