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soleilharu  Japanese. Love LT♡ I'll post original photo and my own edit only.

Japanese TV show 04/08/15
They wore this costume at Kiyomizu Temple live performance⚡⚡️️😁🍃💨
I am wondering why Larry chose 風神 "the wind God" and Laurent chose 雷神 "the thunder God".
At first I remembered NARUTO, and as Larry's fav character is Sasuke and Lau's are Naruto, I thought they would choose reverse. So interesting!
@lestwinsoff @lestwinson

Laurent taking care of Larry😁
Freestyle / Kyoto WS
#lestwins #myvideo

Les Twins Workshop in Tokyo!
Laurent's freestyle ♡
Arigato gozaimashita 😍

Les Twins Workshop in Tokyo!
Larry's freestyle ♡
Arigato gozaimashita 😆🌟

Can't keep calm cause it's TOMORROW!!
Welcome back 🇯🇵
@lestwinsoff @lestwinson

Photo by Ramez Aoude

Yeay!! They are coming back to Japan😆
Can't wait till next week 😍❤️
Original photo by Ramez Aoude

Les Twins Leçon de Français "Qui, bien sûr."

Love their facial expressions 😝👻❤️
Video by Chris Roman

One of my favorite moments❤️
They have been, and will be, so good together ;)
Video by Chris Roman

Video credit: Chris Roman

Beast Mode activated!!
It seems like he is feeling himself (emotions or how his today were and so on) deeply and turning himself on. I don't know what he is actually thinking :-p
But I love it❤️
Video by Chris Roman

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