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For the first time in a LONG TIME, I’m ready AND excited... to go into battle. I’ll probably wear these sweatpants to every meeting with every vendor so they know I mean business. I’m showing up for diversity, for inclusion, for equality, for the outcast and the allies. Pouring my energy into this project. Love ALWAYS wins. #hatersbackoff 📷 @harmonylynnphotography 🤣🤣🤣

Dreaming up CRAZY things with some amazing vendors. A dream that has been on my mind for 2 years! TWO YEARS! I can’t talk much about it, but I can say this: Virginia is for Lovers!!!! ❤️💕❤️💕 Florals by the amazing @juliemevents

My Forever Valentine 💕 ❤️💕 📷 @stolen_glimpses

I love love love this so much! My clients are seriously the most AMAZING people. 🤟 Thank you for being so amazing @missjdm !!! ・・・
Can not wait to get these one the wall in my photo collage! @soleilhagan

Gueeesssss what? THIS GIRL IS GOING BACK HOME! Honestly, April couldn’t come soon enough. I’m going to eat all the pubsubs and Jeremiah’s Italian Ice I can handle. Speaking of, I announced less than 24 hours ago that I’d be headed down and booked 5 out of the 7 session slots I have open! So DM me NOW if you want to secure your slot. Can’t wait to hug you all!!!! P.S: Disney Springs sessions available!!!! 🍾🎉🎉🎉💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

Trigger Warning: Infertility | Yesterday I shared my heart over on Facebook and to my surprise, it resonated deeply with so many women that I even got messages here on Instagram. To catch you up, most of my followers know that we are almost two years into our #ttc journey. It’s been far from easy. Here’s what I shared yesterday: “Just a friendly reminder, some of us have experience(d) intense infertility and/or loss and are struggling immensely. While we understand that parenthood comes with trials, it is important you remember that even on your worst days, so many of us would give anything to experience what you are experiencing. Complaining about having children, how in the past you thought lowly of parenthood interfering in your life (whether with work or socially), or how you would give anything to go back is so demeaning and belittling to the beauty of parenthood and those who wish to join you in that journey. I understand that not everything is butterflies and rainbows and that some days are just shit. I get it. But please understand that people literally do whatever it takes to be in your shoes. You truly are the lucky ones. /rant over.” ❤️ love to all the Mommas in waiting. You are so strong, so brave, and I stand with you in this storm. I understand. DM me for a virtual hug whenever. I love you! ❤️

We’re in for six more weeks of winter but if that doesn’t include snow, I want my spring here please! What screams spring more than a #ruby #engagementring and a gorgeous #floral wallpaper?! I can’t wait for more jeweled engagement rings to become the next big trend. They are so unique!

The ONE question that seemed to trip everyone up in yesterday’s quiz was “T/F: Katie was my client before she became my friend”. ITS TRUE! She brought over a three pound baby yorkie over for newborn pics! Now, that little yorkie is a brother to my shy beagle boy! And if you couldn’t tell, Ernie is telling on Reagan for being on the window seat... without his permission. Ernie kinda thinks he runs the house. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Yorkie Complex, I guess. #beaglemom #yorkiemom #dogsofinsta

How well do you know me? So I went a little crazy and posted a fun quiz in my insta-stories! Where did I meet Katie? What’s my strange collection? Did I marry a client?! 😬😬😬 let’s see how much you know!

It’s #fridayintroductions day! Sharing 3 facts about our wedding day! |. 1️⃣ #weeloped. Secretly. Not even our mutual friends knew we were even dating! We announced about 15 minutes after we said “I Do” and #broketheinternet. I don’t think either one of us ever got that many texts, calls, messages, notifications, etc. It was bananas!!! 2️⃣ Our morning went something like this: 5am get ready, 7am ceremony, 7-8am portraits, 9:15 flight to NYC, 2pm head to Bermuda. It was our first time together on a plane, Katie’s first time to NYC, our first cruise together, Katie’s first time out of the country, our first time in an Uber, our first time in Bermuda. It was CRAZY and required planning and even then, I wouldn’t recommend having that much happen in ONE DAY!!! Let alone, ONE MORNING!!!! 3️⃣ We had a first look! I honestly recommend it to everyone. We had time to hug and kiss, cry, talk, and share our excitement. Katie’s first words to me? “Oh, fuck!” 😂 I didn’t expect anything less. 😂 😆 😝 #dclgbtphotographer

Bed. Pup. Work. Food. Repeat! Life when you’re sick, right?!

Sick days like this make me miss my humid home! I miss the Spanish architecture and moss too! Trade for historical monuments??? I don’t knoooowwwwwww. 🤷🏻‍♀️ #homesick #sicksick #spanishmoss

A birthday celebration and realizing you dwell amongst liars | on the blog. They go together, don’t worry. I woke up feeling 1000% better! Woo! Celebrating with my best friends #adultcakesmash #photoshoot!!!! Head to the #linkinbio to read about how @afischer042987 and @thekatiehagan STRAIGHT UP LIED TO ME. LYING LIARS.

My review of the #jmlightingintensive workshop is on the blog... a good 15 months post workshop. What?! I wanted to implement the teachings for a more well rounded review! 😍 Bonus: I offer you a few starting questions to ask @marymarantz and @justinmarantz when you attend the #lightingintensiveworkshop! They are pretty much the bees knees. 🙌🏼🍾 #webringthelight #linkinbio

That sickness, it got me! Pretty much how my day is going to look from here on out. Grateful for days where rest can take a priority. Dunder Mifflin, here I come!

#soleilreads | “I Probably Shouldn’t Tell You I Suck At Reading” is on the blog! I share how I get through 5-10 books a month (no, not children books hardy har) If you’re a reader, there are a shit ton of recommendations! Like... a lot a lot.

SABBATICAL | Why I took a sabbatical and the lessons both @thekatiehagan and I learned from it are now on the blog! It’s vulnerable and brave and I feel like I’m standing naked in front of the masses but it’s all good! Go read it and leave me a 🤗 (emoji hug) below!!!! I’ll take a 👋 (emoji hi five) too! ❤️❤️❤️ #sabbatical #mentalillness #bloggerlife #realshit

Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d ever be a dog mom. I’m such a cat person. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Because these babes are on the payroll (via treats), I thought I’d share 5 facts about Reagan & Ernie. • Both were born in northern Florida but Ernie is the true Floridian. He hates the snow, while Reagan will spend all day in it. • Ernie is a diva man and runs the house. @thekatiehagan and I think we’re Alpha but I think that’s the lie we tell to feel better about ourselves. 😂 • These two are DEAD OPPOSITE. Reagan is totally chill and is content sleeping in the sun all day. Ernie wants to be held, loves pretending to be a cop (neighborhood watch), and feels as if should be awarded all the riches of the land just for existing. He needs to be first in all things! His personality is way bigger than his 6 pound stature but I don’t think he knows this(?). • Our Family is blended! Reagan was my baby, and Ernie was Katie’s. And that should solve the mystery of why Ernie is such a diva. 😂 sorry, Babe! • Ernie’s nicknames include: Hannah, Hanome, Baby Man, Jerk Baby, Bertrude, Best Boy, Little Guy, and Diva Boy. His favorite song is: Starboy by The Weeknd. Reagans nicknames are: Ray, Bubby, Beagle Boy, and recently Tubby Bubby. His favorite song is whatever any one else is listening to because he’ll sleep through it anyway. 😂

Missing: my dead Kindle. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Did you know that I’m starting an online book club?! If you follow my chaotic reality (InstaStories), you know that I read constantly. The difference with this book club is that I’ll also be reviewing audiobook narrators along with the books actual content! Audiobooks are my fucking jam, son! Until the content goes up on the blog (I’m working here, I’m working!), following along with hashtag #soleilreads! (There’s also a #soleileats. Totally relevant because COOKIES!) I’ll always take suggestions for about any fave read of yours, so drop it below! #readersofinstagram #bloggerlife #audiobooklover

Creeping | but no seriously, what’s the perfect way to say “hey I read every single comment and make every effort to comment back because humans thrive off of communication and connection and I’m super interested” without sounding clingy. Unless you’re into clingy, then nevermind. Heellllpppp. 🤪>😭 #bloggerlife #helpasistaout #photographersofinstagram

Yeah I know I’ve already posted a picture of my face today. But hey, I thought you’d like to check Out my Insta Story today on a Photographer’s How To Guide on Looking Like a Complete Idiot While Taking Your Own Headshots. It’s fucking awesome. And totally easy with my step by step tutorial. You’re so welcome. #funnygirl #expertlevel #howtotutorial #photographersofinstagram #risingtidesociety #fridayintroductions #icussalot

WAZZZUUUUPPPP | It’s #fridayintroductions here on #thegram so why not show my face, from last year! Let’s do this! Here’s THREE random ass facts about me:
• I’m addicted to sunflower seeds. I stuff the seeds everywhere and they often go through the wash and ruin everything. 🤪 • My experience of “going out dancing” is a wedding. 💃🏻 I’ll do the “wobble” with the wedding party! Otherwise I rock the pajamas look like I’m paid to do it. Homebody to the T. • I LOVE WINTER. Being from Florida, you’d think I’d prefer the summer. Nope! Give me all the snow. I’d rather cuddle up by the fire with a political thriller (book) and a coffee. That sounds heavenly! BONUS FACT: I really hate birds. Is that weird? Ya know, since I’m so into the food they eat? 🦅 🙅🏻‍♀️

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is to great a burden to bear.” - Martin Luther King Jr. The honor it is to live where you have marched, and to be able to stand where you stood to proclaim “I have a dream!” is humbling and exalting. Your words ring true to this day, out of joy and heart ache still. I am so grateful for you.

If I fill my feed with pretty spring colors, we can forget it’s 16 degrees outside, right? Cool. Usually, I’m more than happy with the cold... IF it’s accompanied by snow. Otherwise I feel duped. P.S - there’s a baby pineapple in this bouquet created by @juliemevents. Can you find it?!

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