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DarkRegrets  🇵🇱Polish Canadian 🎎Doll Collector: BJDs, DDs, SmartDolls, Azones ✈️Traveller 🖊Storyteller 👾Anime/Comic/Gaming Geek 📚History & Language Enthusiast

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So apparently I’ve been a bit bad with my plan to slow down the arrivals. 😙 It’s a bit of a mad rush of getting in dolls I’ve been wanting for ages - but no regrets! This version of Rin has been on my wish list for ages and it feels so amazing to have her home. She does not disappoint! I am so fortunate to nab her at a great price and in excellent condition. She is such a gorgeous sculpt! #dollfiedream #dollfiedreamrintohsaka #dollfiedreamrin #volksdollfiedream #volksdd #ddrin #ddtohsakarin #ddrintohsaka #dollfiedreamtohsakarin #dollsofinstagram

I admit this girl is an impulse buy after seeing her so often on YouTube and Twitter. BEST DECISION EVER. She’s just so darned adorable! I had been wanting another tan girl for ages now, and I had loved Sana from the moment she was announced. I ended up getting distracted by other releases and just kept putting off getting her. I suddenly decided to cave and order her along with the clothes I had my eye on, and I could not be happier! It’s funny how it just felt like it needed to happen and it was one of the best decisions I made spur of the moment (much like Chitose who is easily one of my favourite dolls at home). She’s my perfect little anime girl, and she’s definitely the anime geek I had always wanted to create. I think she and my Julia will be my main convention and travel dolls, and I will be taking them with me to events and meets! #smartdoll #smartdollsana #culturejapan #dannychoo #dannychoosmartdoll #dannychoodoll

I had a doll purse haul today! 😙First photo shows the two cute purses I scored at my local Japanese store; they are perfectly in scale with my 1/3 dolls and are just super stylish! The second photo shows the cute backpack I fell in love with that @resinwonders showed in her video. So happy that I was able to snag it at my local Claire’s! The third and fourth photos show the amazing wallet and purse (with lovely pillow gift) I received from @1pinfun today! These items are absolutely incredible, and their packaging and the personalized box they were sent in really made my day. ❤️❤️❤️ #bjdaccessories #bjdpurse #dollaccessories #dollpurses #dollpurse

She’s home and she’s so gorgeous! I was expecting for her to be beautiful, but she is completely stunning. I can’t get over this girl! She’s so cute and her makeup is perfect. I love her so much. 💕✨🌙✨💕 #dollfiedream #dollfiedreamsister #dollfiedreamsailormoon #ddsailormoon #ddssailormoon #volksdd #volksdollfiedream #volksdoll #volkssailormoon #volksdollfiedreamsailormoon #sailormoondd #sailormoondollfiedream #sailormoondds

My Smart Doll Julia arrived home today, on Family Day (holiday in Ontario) no less. XD I always loved Julia and seeing her at Anime NYC really solidified that, but I wasn’t sure where my plans were headed at the time, and I really wanted to bring Eiji home next anyway. Fast forward to the new year and my plans are much more concrete, so bringing this lovely girl home now was the right time to do so. She’ll be a bit of a mini me, and I plan on bringing her to cons and making loads of props for her! I’m so excited to work on this girl! She still needs to have her eyes changed and I need to dress her- but she’s perfect.❤️ #smartdoll #smartdolljulia #dannychoo #dannychoosmartdoll #dannychoodoll #culturejapan #dollsofinstagram

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