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All That Jazz  🌎Traveling the world in her Curls 🛩Jet Setter-CA 🌀Curl Role Model👑 📸Content Creator 💻Marketing 📩 #sojazzaye Shop 🛒⤵️

Domestic Jet Chores before clocking out 🛩 #sojazzaye

There’s more to me then just my curly hair journey🌀 I actually work hard for my money 💸 and invest my time in my mind, body & soul #selflove #selfmade #sojazzaye will be sharing more than just my curls watch my story for my daily on the go lifestyle

Did you say you need a ride? Come aboard and let’s Fly 🛩 #sojazzaye

Careful how you play your cards when you have a Curl Queen in your hand ♠️👑♥️ #sojazzaye

It is imperative that we Queens take a moment to reflect on how far we have come in order to fully appreciate just how far we about to go🌀👑🌀 #sojazzaye #selfreflection ❣️ #selflove #womenempowerment
Refreshed Curls using 💦 @bouncecurl

Everyone thinks we are twins or sisters must be the curls 🌀☺️ what do y’all think? @himynamesteee

Just checking on this growth 🌀 because the shrinkage is real when your curls are healthier 💛 #sojazzaye
Highlights: @vilomena_
Products @devacurl #meltintomoisture #supercream
@olaplex # 3

Do you notice the healthier the curls the more shrinkage & bounce you get? 🌀 #sojazzaye

Every wash day is now a deep conditioning treatment...this will help keep my highlighted curls hydrated 💛 what are you doing to keep your curls healthy this season? #sojazzaye
Products used: @devacurl #meltintomoisture #supercream
@olaplex # 3
@bouncecurl : cream gel

I see everyone has been entering this Giveaway✨ Looking to pick one lucky winner to help them get their curls bouncing 🌀@bouncecurl #sojazzaye

✨Jazzaye 40k Giveaway✨ 🚫Contest Ended Nov 11🚫

40k eyes scrolling thru my journey 😎
I think it’s time to share and give back to someone I can help on there curly hair journey. ✨40k GIVEAWAY✨

I appreciate all the love, support and positive feedback...Thank you all for following, liking, commenting & sharing your stories! It’s an honor to inspire as I struggled and learned how to manage my curls! Now I feel like giving my favorite products & tools to help you keep up with your curls! Giveaway coming up next...Stay Tune to Enter✨ #sojazzaye

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