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Happiness starts with you 💕 #selflove
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#TBT Here is how I got started on my Curly Hair Journey...I learned a lot about my hair type, tips & techniques from both of these books. I had the pleasure of meeting the author @curlymichelle62 #thecurlrevolution at the @naturallycurly event last year and was so inspired! If you are just getting started or been on your healthy hair journey I highly recommend these books to learn everything there is to know about all types of curly hair even for kids and men! I have added these to my amazon list to get your copy! #sojazzaye

Curls are heating up for the summa🔥#sojazzaye
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And All that Jazz

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Tag your #WCW #WomenCurlWednesday 👇🏽🌀 #sojazzaye

It ain’t nothing but a Curl flip ➰ 📸 @ah_fotography
So honored & blessed to have the opportunity to meet, work & play with these curl queens that continue to inspire me on my curly hair journey 👑💕#wcw


For #texturetuesday I wanted to share the transformation of my curls from 2012 to 2017🌀 it wasn’t till after getting my first haircut & using the right product is when I really started seeing results to how curly my hair actually’s been a journey but clearly worth it to see my hair curl like never before! I hope this will inspire you to start your journey or motivate you to stay consistent with your curls! #sojazzaye
I have @hif3licia to thank for inspiring me along my healthy hair journey & helping me learn so much about my curls 🙌🏽🌀#hif3liciahelped

Who loves Pineapples🍍? Have you tried @BounceCurl hair & body essential oil? I love this combo not only does it help with taming frizzy curls it also smells delicious to wear as a perfume🍍🍍🍍 #sojazzaye

Let your Curls Blossom 🌼Just like a flower you must be patient with the transformation of your curls🌀🌸 #sojazzaye

Curls feeling dried out & looking Frizzy?
Time to Moisturize with Red @Raw_kyn Deep Conditioning Clay Mask #maskmonday
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Hot cap @thermalhaircare
My colored curls now have more definition, feeling soft & hydrated! #sojazzaye

How often do you switch up your hair color? I’ve been changing my color every season and I’m still debating what I like the most 🎨🤔 #sojazzaye

Let’s work this out 💪🏽 #motivationmonday 📸 @jonathanchia00

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