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So iLL  Introducing 100k Kids to Climbing via @1climb_official

Hand crafted in California. | Runner (LV) in Olive | #darkmatterrubber #soill #takehold #madeinusa🇺🇸

Welcome Fall! | New Coral Active Jeans now available in XS, XS-Long, S, M, L, XL + Runner (LV) in Olive | More arrivals coming. Lots more. | #soill #takehold #girlswhoclimb #climbingshoes

On our recent trip to LA we took a few production images of the brand new Runner (LV) in Olive. The pre-release is online and available as part of our Fall releases | #madeinusa🇺🇸 #darkmatterrubber #takehold #soill #climbingshoes

#takehold @ Rocky Mountain National Park | Free Range (LV) | @alexaristei doing work on the other side of the 📷 on Potato Chip | @laurasgraber | #soill #climbingshoes #bouldering #madeinusa🇺🇸

Overwhelmed this evening watching our friend and #1Climb founder @kjorgeson kill pitch 15 and dyno 8 feet left instead of having to climb a 200 foot pitch. Kevin moves straight through the cruxes in life, and on the wall both. We are truly inspired and watching it on the big screen was insanely motivating. Favorite part was the fact that Kevin didn’t even know Tommy. He wrote him out of the blue, showed up, worked hard for years when no one was watching, and then made history. We highly suggest seeing his new film. #dawnwallfilm #takehold

Don’t forget to rest. | New Zero | Looking forward to working with our friend more! | #soill #takehold #gorlswhoclimb #madeinusa🇺🇸 #climbingshoes

#takehold w/ Free Range (LV) | #madeinusa🇺🇸 | Repost @jessilouhoo_
Hands down my favorite warmup (maybe even favorite climb) of the whole trip, an unnamed v1 at the Medlicott Boulders. The line felt perfect and pure. It’s a must do if you’re in the area! @soill @organicclimbing 📸 @gurzi | #darkmatterrubber #soill #climbingshoes

For the grand opening of the #1climb Boys and Girls club Wall in LA, we bronze dipped the Street Shoe and made these plaques for the major donors. They turned out even cooler than we thought! | Thank you @toms @touchstoneclimbing @prideofgypsies @eldowalls @blakemycoskie @kjorgeson | #soill #1climb #takehold #climbingshoes

Follow us @takeholdlv | We are a collective of women, climbers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, who want to highlight the tenacity and strength of our fellow devotees around the globe. | Mountain Series Pack | #soill #takehold #girlswhoclimb #mountaingirls | @venomblackbird @ghostblackbird

Thank you everyone! With 3 hours left on the Indiegogo campaign, we are beyond grateful for your help introducing 100,000 kids to climbing. Please support this campaign and check out our Instagram live for more information about our collaboration w/ @toms & #takehold YouTube to see this beautiful wall open. | Let’s build more! | @kjorgeson @blakemycoskie @eldowalls @prideofgypsies @touchstoneclimbing @bloczclimbing @soill @climbsoill @iamdanielwilson @ryan_keith_white @zaydewolf

#takehold w/ New Zero | Renaissance Man (13a) w/ @claire.bukowski | Great 📷 @tc.bukowski | #darkmatterrubber #madeinusa🇺🇸 #soill

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