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Soil.Solutions  Advancing the opportunity to convert atmospheric carbon into soil carbon, a global solution to the climate crisis. Program of @centerforfoodsafety


Thank you 🙏 @turninggreenorg for inviting me to share the soil Solution with the fabulous “Project Green Challenge” finalists. So honored to connect with you and so many of the innovative and ethical brands that are moving us all the right direction. Between #pgc2017 and @civileats celebration, our ❤️ s and larders are full.

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Restoring degraded soils = can help combat the effects of climate change. #COP23 👊👊👊 Consider the size of the opportunity, 50-70 % of cultivated soils have lost their original carbon stock. Despite this fact, scientists say that more carbon still resides in the soil than in the atmosphere ☁️& all plant life 🌳🌴🌲🌿combined! Imagine if we returned that missing 30-50 % carbon to the soil where Nature wants it and where it does nothing but good. ✨Carbon in the soil gives its fertility allowing it to support the dazzling abundance of life that we so often take for granted. How do we return the carbon? By working with Nature not against her. This means providing opportunities for ⬆️ photosynthetic activity. Photosynthesis is THE elegant & perfect “technology” for drawing carbon out of the atmosphere & storing it safely in the ground in its soil form. 🌱🌱Oh, and we get oxygen out of the deal too.

Our dear friends @fibershed_ knocked it out of the park yesterday at the #2017WoolSymposium. The theme was “Nature’s Resilience” and Fibershed’s Founder Rebecca Burgess opened the day by pointing out that “Nature herself is looking to respond to the conditions that in some ways we’ve created.” Our material culture is undermining the ability of communities to thrive and to be resilient. But clearly it doesn’t have to be this way and we heard from people who are supporting themselves by creating beneficial fibers and dyes that are “all tethered, but place based.” These include people growing and harvesting 🌱 plants: flax (for linen), naturally colored cotton, hemp and even nettle for an array of textiles as well as, of course, tending to sheep 🐑, goats 🐐, alpacas, llamas and even angora rabbits 🐇 for fabulous yarns. Many of these gorgeous yarns are naturally dyed with local plants and mushrooms 🍄 creating clothing that comes from the soil and can return safely to the soil. With support and awareness this soil to soil” vision can move beyond the poisonous legacy of “fast fashion” and instead integrate the best of modern technology to scale a healthy, diverse, climate beneficial alternative. Thank you Fibershed for creating a beautiful roadmap for restoration and resilience. 🙏

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Friday Fungi! 🍄

Mushrooms are the fruiting body of fungi. Fungi do not photosynthesize and are the principal decomposers in ecological systems. They are genetically different than plants 🌱 & animals 🐭. Over 90% of all plant species engage in mycorrhizal (symbiotic) relationships with fungi & are dependent upon this relationship for survival, and so then are we!

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Savannah, assistant manager of @rollinghillsfarmnj "When I farm, I'm a kid again. I can play in the dirt and pick plants and marvel at the life teeming in luscious soil. It's a most elemental reunion with life and death. Most of all I get to be dirty, I really love getting down and dirty. It's being apart of something so immensely important for our community and earth, yet simultaneously feels like second (or 1st) nature. Yea, gettin dirty." #womenwhofarm #femalefoodheros #womenfarmers #womeninag

Community Dinner, Stone Barns

Dreaming of the magical September afternoon we spent at Stone Barns. Here’s the entire staff, chefs, servers, farm hands, farmers and interns gathering for community dinner and lecture in one of the elegant barns. Many of the servers come from other countries. Don’t you agree that sharing a meal is an awesome way to build community?

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We support keeping the soil in #organic & #Biodynamic ✅ “Since last July there have been 15 Rallies to #ProtectOrganic 🌻Some of these Rallies were big, and some were small. They happened from California to Maine 🌱The central theme of the Rallies has been to honor healthy soil as the essential foundation of organic farming. 🌿
The National Organic Standards Board (NOSB) is currently meeting in Jacksonville, Florida to deliberate on this question. Deliberations went on all day today and will resume tomorrow, Thursday. ♻️
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The secret of the Great Pumpkin 🦉👻🎃🦇
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The Power of Peat 🌱🌱 Peatlands or bogs are the largest terrestrial carbon sinks! Peatlands lower the risk of fires 🔥, protect biodiversity 🦋🦉🐒 mitigate climate change and regulate flood risk! They are found in 175 countries with Indonesia 🇮🇩 having the most. Needless to say protecting peatlands around the world is of the utmost importance to our future! #soilcarbon #carbonsinks #changeclimatechange

The beauty & bounty of October continue. Our friend Holly brought us this gorgeous branch laden with fruit. #persimmons #perennialagriculture #giftsfromthesoil

Chef Tanya Holland 💫💫💫
Talked to us about the relationship between #compost, #soil health and community engagement. What a delightful afternoon! Can’t wait to go back and eat at her fabulous restaurant. #chefs4soil #tanyaholland

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