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Soigne Food  Soigné: [French: swa-nyey] carefully or elegantly done, operated, or designed. Use #SoigneFood to be featured. Founder: @Chef_LouisRobinson

Bream • Lentils • Beets • Gooseberries • Carrots.
Dish by @pmroz74 #soignefood

Recado negro roasted carrots • Fire roasted shallots • Celery root purée • Almonds • Scallion • Pickled celery root.
Dish by @chef_louisrobinson #soignefood

Pickled Virginia shrimp • Compressed melon • Cilantro • Jicama • Buttermilk.
Dish by @chefwhitaker #soignefood

A Few Basic Plating Tips from @garethleighjenkins
Rule one never pile everything in the centre of the plate it looks awful. Choose a focal point, something to build your dish around. This can generally be your meat/fish or dessert but a purée effect can also work really well. Add your elements in odd numbers 1,3,5,7 etc. Arrange them using rough triangles. Never be to organised or ridged as it will look like you are trying to hard. Choose appropriate and edible garnishes. Unnecessary swipes and classic herb garnish will make your plate look dated. Always have fun as your passion is shown through your presentation.
Please feel free to ask any further questions to @garethleighjenkins
For advanced plating tips, throw the rule book out the window and go mental. #soignefood

...Because tacos are life ✊
...if you have ever made tortillas from scratch, then you know these pieces of masa artwork from @xtine65 are very much soigné 👌 #soignefood

Apricot and jasmine tea by @guysavoy #soignefood

Oyster, summer squash and bronze fennel by @sixteenchicago #soignefood

🍯 🥛 Honey, milk and dates by @imribr #soignefood

Pig • Radicchio • Grapes • Beans.
Dish by @luizfilipe #soignefood .
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🍋 Lemon • Berries • White chocolate.
Dish by @fortenj #soignefood

Red deer fillet • Chasseur cream • Rutabaga corn hash • Guanciale • Wild mushrooms.
Dish by @chefgrantirvin.
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Skills 😳.
Stunning work by @chefbaran .
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