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Lights ✨

Thinking about.. 🍩🍔🍰

Spring time is the best time 🌸

Found a new hobby...

I will always love California, no matter where I go.

I pray for justice for this sweet little angel. I’m so sad that this is the type of world that we live in. Please be safe everyone! Know to only speak to people you know and not strangers. I know this kinda stuff happens way too often and that is why we have to protest and speak up. Justice needs to be served! #justiceforzainab #TimeIsUp #ZainabAnsari

I know I May not have the most glamorous and amusing life but I sure do love it and all the wonderful people in it. Thank you to everyone who has helped make 2017 so special for me. Also, can’t believe I made one of the biggest accomplishments of my life this year.. finally graduating!! Here are a few grad pics that got deleted before #2017 #throwback #graduation ❤️ btw that’s apple cider next to me, not alcohol 🙄

It’s great what good lighting does for my ugly face (LUL, I’m only kiddin’.. and I apologize for always posing with my hand near my face ((I’ve just now realized how weird it looks)) and yes, I am very bored.. p.s. please don’t mind my messy room.. luv u) :)

Can’t sleep 🌚

I do miss the hi lights 🙈

🙃 just hanging.

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