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Family outing with glorious skies. Hug 'em tight, y'all. It evaporates in a wisp of vapor before you know it.

I can't be the only one still holding on to the 'winter' decor, right? (Honestly, without those sparkly bits the reality of our collective political reality would be too much to bear.) #piedableu

The little tufts of snow sitting in the dogwood like blooms that have yet to form. The dried out pods dancing in the violent wind, singing, not shaking in their boots. Beauty in enduring. Beauty in waiting to bloom. Beauty in fiercely taking what life gives, but remaining true to your nature. Go on with your bad selves, trees.

A fat, wet snow is coming down now. It's insanely pretty, though it's not meant to stay this way for long. Enjoy what you can, peeps. Beauty is fleeting. #piedableu

A spot of sun before the next wave of storms arrive. #piedableu

When even taking out the trash feels like it has historical significance.

Two and a half hours later and I conquered the beast formerly known as 'the wall.' If you are fighting your own wall (of boulders of ice and snow, or otherwise), godspeed. Pretty sure I worked off those blondies from yesterday, though. #piedableu

Picture window picturesque.

When the forecast keeps adding inches to the predictions six at a time (6-12" turned 12-18" turned 18-24"): you bake banana-walnut-chocolate chip blondies, and you don't even feel the least bit bad about it. #piedableu

In a world where men in politics with a scarlet (R) by their names desperately cling to the oppression of the past with increasingly pathetic overtures to their basest instincts, I embrace the future. Evolution. Science. Faith in humanity. Flowers. Artists. Strength in curiosity. Beauty in wonder. Live your best lives, peeps. And fuck that noise. Eventually they will die, and, nevertheless, WE WILL PERSIST. | 🖤✊🏼😼
// pottery from @asterluxe flowers from @eastsidemarketplace #piedableu

From this morning's light-soaked start. #piedableu

Gloriously friend/family-filled weekend, with a little glorious nature to boot. My weary soul needed this.