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Dwight-Michael-Pam-Jim  ✂️| my slimes unless specified (bottom left corner) ✏️| lgbt safe 🏳️‍🌈☺️ 📎|🚺 📓|i only post on weekends because school


Iceberg slime is so cool!

Aww this squishy is so cute! Can we get to 80 followers tonight?

These dinos are adorable! Luv luv luv!🖤💚

Theme 3/3

Theme 2/3

Gonna start posting squishy vids

I need glue. There has been a shortage in my city and it's really pissing me off.

Hope I win! #slimytm

Ahh! So cute!

Expect a few more of these acai bowl slimes

Love this vitality bowl slime🖤❤

🌵| @hula_slime is amazing

This color😍🖤 all the loves to @hunnyslimey

🌵| the floam in this is goals
🌵|the sushi is adorbs 🖤| @peachyslimes 🌵|qotd: what sport do you play? 🌵|aotd: tennis and golf

Hey lovelys🖤 I'm loving my new name and I will have a proper icon soon🖤qotd: what time is it where you are🖤 aotd: 8:44 pm

All creds to @anathemaslime

All creds to @slimeberryz

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All creds to @slimes_daily

All creds to @slim3tutorials

All creds to @glitter.slimes

All creds to @anathemaslime

Creds to @peachyslimes

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