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What's your plan for the worst case scenario in a natural disaster? Listen to the FieldCraft Survival Podcast in link on profile. Stay Alert-Stay Alive. #fieldcraft #podcast #survival #live #sf #sof #prepare #modernsurvival

I've got so much more in this life to look forward to and so do you. Always remember how fortunate you are to be here-to breathe free air and never forget what you love the most. Once you've established that everything else will fall into place. #wcw #humpday #loveday #rsg #bcm #live #love #freedom #az #sedona @randi_shea

Your priorities are all fucked up. If you're getting bogged down with anything other than life tragedies your priorities are ass backwards and you need a reality check. Every day people on this planet are terrorized by terrorist-innocent children blown into memories because of ideology-simple ideas that propel chaos. We live free-free of disease-free of oppression-free of dictatorship. But what do we have now? A divisive segregated group of people in our own society that "have it so hard" that want to be the verbal jihadist taking on the man and the system, speaking on behalf of the "oppressed" American. Someone's who's ideals are typically pulled from another that has only the perspective of how far their TV or internet will take them. Do we have it so bad? I got an idea-let's pack a C-17 and have a rotator going back and forth to Syria and Africa, I'll give you a free parachute and then you can show your commitment to your worldly view by jumping into these countries to barter a deal with ISIS and show the world how beautiful they are and how bad the big bad America is. How bout dat? #chairbornerangers #freedom #usa #freedomwasntandisntfree #live #love #fight #patriot #sf #dontletthedoorhityiuintheass #specialforces

The 5 Shot String-from 15m is meant to test speed without pissing away accuracy... in the gunfighting principles we teach @fieldcraftsurvival we stress grip and alignment-lose either and you'll sacrifice accuracy despite short splits or a fast cadence. Isolate the task-rehearse and build efficiency-repeat it and commit it to muscle memory. #fieldcraft #pistol #gunfighter #etho #usa #glock #agency #5shot #survival #stayalert

@fieldcraftsurvival The brutal reality of this life is demented ideology leads to man made catastrophes that kill the innocent. Having fought this ideology on several fronts I know for a fact there is no negotiation and any energy outside preparation would be wasted. Prepare for the worst case scenario and train like you fight-you never know when you'll be faced with evil. #fieldcraft #durango #survival #survival #isis #modernsurvival

Leadership for me wasn't about the plaque on the wall. In combat there is no accolades or jobs well done. As a combat leader your priority is your men and the mission and nothing else comes before that. Here's a couple tips that I always followed-1) Never eat before your men-and never take from them. 2) The welfare of the men matter first and foremost. 3) Initial counsel your men with short term and long term goals (personal and professional) and always do quarterly counseling to track their progress. 4) Know your job and that of your men as the subject matter expert. 5) Empower your men by giving them the tools to be successful but never make it about you. 6) Set your men up for success by listening first and giving clear and concise instructions with confidence. 7) Don't over manage or supervise, let them succeed so if they fail you can step in and remediate. 6) Balance family life with work life, a poor situation at home will get your guys killed at work. 7) Do Team activities or Physical Training at least once a week-your job is to mentor individuals and build the team. 8) Make your men do volunteer work so they understand the importance of humility and kindness. 9) Be the buffer between higher staff requirements and your team-the men should be insulated from the bullshit. 10) Reward accomplishment and tactfully and gracefully fix failure. 11) Always bring the team together to highlight the importance of the objective-not the actions on, but the big picture. 12) Seek not just to build soldiers with skill sets, but great men with characters of kings. 13) Finally always command respect and never demand it. De Oppresso Liber. #america #values #duty #leadership #sf #ancoc #love #live #lead #leader #specialforces

Unloaded my "matazines" today... get it!? #hotload #thatgatlife #fuckpewiblam #blamblam #tactical #loaded #4runner #toyota

I won't lie and pretend, there's not a single day that I don't miss it. The men, the missions, the comfort of operating with the best. Sometimes I dwell, I'm not perfect-I dwell more than reflect, honestly because it feels good. It feels good to recall strapping body armor loaded with magazines to my chest, tucking prepped grenades in pouches, explosive breaching charges neatly taught and perfectly placed for efficiency in my cargo pockets, ops checking optics and lasers, stepping outside to focus in my night vision to the perfect depth of field to engage the enemy. Loading a trove of elite helicopters like fucking Vikings about to pillage the oppressors. Looking out in black and green at my boys across the sky-dark as death with flashing infrared beacons like flashing invisible star burst. Dusting out on infiltration and unhooking your lanyard as you raise your heals inches off the dirt ridden ground. Hopping off like racing horses out of the gate hungry for the prize. Sprinting fast-but slow enough to run and gun. Straight to the front door hoping you'll jack rabbit in and be the first to engage the enemy-racing your friends to the breach like a game of pac man... yea I fucking miss it, every-single-fucking day. #war #sf #sof #dwell #notwar #transition #history #specialforces #love #live #fight #freedom #livefreeordie

#Repost @sheepdogtargets
@556sinatra putting in that work on some Sheepdog Targets. Great Carbine class put on by @fieldcraftsurvival. If you can get the chance to train with them, I highly recommend it.
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Found @kurt_teamfieldcraft reminiscing about the good old days... #Repost @the4thamerican
When u are stoked that your bat from @primalconcepts came in the mail.

Seek your Jihad and you shall receive your martyrdom. #Repost @odatacticalapparel

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