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Sofia Hublitz  my toupee is staying on nicely despite all the trauma

★彡 my clan. ★彡 happy 30th birthday to my very best friend Aiden T. we love you homie!!!!★彡

if i were sixteen years old and lived in the suburbs of say, i don’t know, Ohio— i would probably caption this with “Friday Mood”. but given the circumstances of my own existence, i’ll caption this as “how’s it hangin’?”

🖤 happy birthday lune 🖤 from venezia to paris 🖤 ik hou van jouuuuuu

that’s a wrap on What Breaks The Ice.
thank you for turning my world upside down. thanks for a kickass experience on my first movie. thanks for lifelong friends. much love. forever indebted to this cast and crew.

the good old Indie Movie Regimen: a wardrobe change in a pantry at a salvation army.

if anyone would like to be informed on what it’s like to be 5’3” and stand next to someone who’s ~6’4”~ here you go, boys.

we’re a solid nine hours into friday here on the east coast of the united states, and it is so that i have been awake for all 9 hours of this particular friday. hope it’s a good one, don’t despair.

hi my names trey and i got a basketball game tomorrow i’m a point guard

four horsemen of the apocalypse.

hail mary.

modern art.

i haven’t said much about the new season of ozark, but i do want to say a few words about the people who really make the world go around. our crew of 150+ people work their ASSES off for 6 months out of the year and have the most sincere dedication and loyalty to our show. this crew works harder in a week than some people do in a lifetime. i have nothing but the highest respect for our crew (which has been the same for two years now, minus a few!) (hi jamie, mackie, cordis, steve + kerry) and i am lucky to call these people my true family. you can say what you want about the actors, but there would be NO show without these beautiful sonsofbitches!!! respect and appreciate your crew.
(this is not a confirmation of season 3 leave me alone)

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