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Sofia Hublitz  my toupee is staying on nicely despite all the trauma

2018, you’ve really been something. i wanted to say something positive here but to be honest: 2018 was a horrible doozy and a half. i’m ready to get the show on the road tomorrow and am very very elated and excited to see what 2019 has got to offer ☆ here’s some symbolism. much love as always 💘

Dear Madelyn,
today you’re 21 and i want the world to know how special you are to me and how much i love you. thank you for sitting in makeshift hot-tubs in hotel rooms with me, buying me those morningstar nuggets, and changing my life. oh yeah also can’t believe we made a movie together too. also thanks for letting me sleep in your room that one time when i listened to an episode of casefile and got too spooked. there’s no one else i’d want to watch water boil with than you!! happy birthday my queen. what’s 9+10

Chungking Express is [among] one of my favorite movies. I think the color palettes used in this movie are great, and i think it’s interesting that you can see many other (contemporary) cinematographers use similar range.

happy birthday dearest Danielle Sims. i think you’re a dream ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

when it be like that vs. when it REALLY be like that


it’s always great to go hard instead of going home. we did it all, boys!

if i were sixteen years old and lived in the suburbs of say, i don’t know, Ohio— i would probably caption this with “Friday Mood”. but given the circumstances of my own existence, i’ll caption this as “how’s it hangin’?”

that’s a wrap on What Breaks The Ice.
thank you for turning my world upside down. thanks for a kickass experience on my first movie. thanks for lifelong friends. much love. forever indebted to this cast and crew.

if anyone would like to be informed on what it’s like to be 5’3” and stand next to someone who’s ~6’4”~ here you go, boys.

hi my names trey and i got a basketball game tomorrow i’m a point guard

four horsemen of the apocalypse.

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