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Sofia Hayat  Ascended Master Cosmic Mother Divine Sofia. Goddess Isis https://m.facebook.com/gaiamothersofia/ Manager dwaparhimanshu@gmail.com Sofiahayat@gmail.com


I am you..

The Age if knkwing..of The Mother..and Father united in 1..all religion comes to what it actually means. The word religion means unity and we are all now gping to reunite as 1 Breath. What I breathe in you breathe oit..we are united in 1 breathe. Namaste Shalom Salaam. Mother Sofia Hayat #divinesofia #spiritual #love #meditation

Good morning!

Open your eyes!! The kingdom of heaven is on earth! #egypt #heaven #meditation #love #spiritual #lightworker

Spring is coming!!

Pout hector

Chill time with my boy #frenchie #frenchbulldog

Happy Chinese New Yaera. #yearofthedog #sirius

Love my makeup today! #hudabeauty

Our Valentines message xx

Valentines red

Good morning

These are Few snaps of U 19 Aizwal FC Football team , Returning home after playing a tournament in kolkata .
No Reservation , No seat and the future stars got their place beside the toilet .
And there are 18 players scattered here and there .

Is this how indian football would develop ??why should a kid dream to play football if we cannot provide them the basic amenities.
I don’t know whose fault it is the officials or the organising committee but it pains to see the pathetic condition of these kids .

They have enough self respect and dignity hence few of them politely refuse to take my seat as their team mates would not have a place to sit .

Ashamed of this Football Fraternity of India

I am

Flower of life

Blessings to you..from me as Mother of all creation. My Son as 1 Shiva..male and female. X

Morning meditation

My Darling just made this for me. :) πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ•‰βœ‘

To my Darling Vlad. Love is conditional..it teaches us..without conditions what do we learn..and in learning and in teaching..love becomes..unconditional.

My darling always surprises me with flowers. #love

We met this beautiful baby comung back from the gym this morning! His name is Coffee. He is stunning! #husky #wolf #sacredanimal #blueandbrowneyes #spiritual

I love you sooo much
.blessed are we in our union.

Onesie time with my hubby #selfie #battersea #onesie #london

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