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Survivial of the Fittest 2017  “Survival of the Fittest” is an 8 week body composition challenge designed for new and current @thebarnepc members.


Another congratulatons goes out to coach @brycemac2 & his bod squad. All 4 teams had huge improvments during final testing. But in the end, it was professor Bryce who rallied his troops and barely squeeked out a win over the 🍋 drops. #REDarmy #crushorbecrushed #SOF2017

A big congrats to Tamara W. who was crowned as the @SOF2017 inaugural champion. Yesterdays testing saw improvments all around, with participants losing an avg. of 4.4% body fat. SHOUT OUT TO ALL THE PARTICPANTS THAT MADE IT! 💪💪 #REDarmy #SOF2017 #crushorbecrushed #calipersdontlie

Its judgment day. Today is day where we find out who was busy talking about and who has been busy BEING ABOUT IT. The calipers dont lie. #SOF2017 #calipersdontlie #crushorbecrushed #REDarmy

With the final day upon us, coach @puckwilde41 is pretty confident that his team will reign supreme. But did he just curse himself by hoisting the belt early. #SOF2017 #REDarmy #crushorbecrushed #calipersdontlie

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IT ALL GOES DOWN TOMORROW NIGHT @ 5PM!... DON'T CHA DARE MISS IT! Which Individual & What Team will Wear & Hoist the SOF Champions Belt as the Commissioner will Declare the Inaugural SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST Champion & Champions!!!! All Competitors have Trained Hard & May 18th is the Time!
#SURVIVALOFTHEFITTEST #SOF2017 #EvilEmpire #TheBODSquad #LemonDrops #WeaponsOfMassDestruction #crushorbecrushed #calipersdontlie

PSA! With just over a week left in the @SOFepc2017 an unknown assailant has some words of encouragement. Just a reminder that final testing will be taking place Thursday May 18th @ 5pm. If you are unable to attend please make arrangements to be tested prior to this date.
#SOF2017 #REDarmy #crushorbecrushed #calipersdontlie

**swipe right to watch the vid** All the safety pins in the world couldnt stop @pstew_17 from blowing up💣 his chances at winning the @SOFepc2017 championship belt... Its now time for him to snap into a slim jim. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
➡ 2 more members bit the dust last week. 47 contestants are still in the runnings, with the last 10 days of competition left. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------
#SOF2017 #REDarmy #crushorbecrushed #calipersdontlie

Update: @SOFepc2017 news, you heard it here first..."Darcys team is the best" - @glo.pink10 is feeling stronger, leaner, & evil. #SOF2017 #REDarmy #crushorbecrushed #darkside. #calipersdontlie

GET SHREDDED OR BE SHREDDED was the theme this week as the @SOFepc2017 herd was thinned out this past week. 5 contestants bit the dust, leaving a total of 49 athletes still in the running.
REMINDER: All participants (eliminated or not) will be brought back on May 18th to be re-assessed & tested for both physical and body composition improvements. These improvments will determine your individual score and will contribute to your overall team score. SO KEEP THE TRAINING UP & DONT LET YOUR TEAM DOWN.
#SOF2017 #shredorbeshredded #crushorbecrushed #REDarmy #calipersdontlie #SHREDmaster

A quick clip from todays lunchtime press confrence. "Ahead of of the much anticipated @SOFepc2017 finals on may 18th, newcomer @nursing91 stole the show with her trash talk once again, including a prediction on how her & Leighas 🍋 Drops will defeat @moffat87 & Mitchs weapons of mass destruction." #SOF2017 #crushorbecrushed #calipersdontlie #REDarmy #Starbucks #sportscentre

A wedge has been driven between @finley.jay and his chances of winning the @SOFepc2017. Right after @petelaws threw out the trash he was was qouted saying "If I had gym attendence like that I'd have to kick my own ass" #SOF2017 #REDarmy #crushorbecrushed #goldjacket #greenjacket #whogivesashit

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