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  A collective to inspire participation in projects that are making a difference in Canadian communities. Share your impacts #SoAct

Michelle decided to go on a bike ride in her city of Guelph. So she went into the shed pulled out her bike and started her mission. Earlier this week Michelle and I had jointly decided to start training for a race. We alway have a career, personal, and physical goal that we are working towards in an effort and practice to live our best selves.
So while I am preparing for a 10K run, Michelle is training for the Century Ride. While out on her ride Michelle encountered several obstacles when her bike started spinning out of control down a very large and daunting hill. The smell of burning rubber filled the air. The obstacles were a result of a tire on its last legs and a cracked rim. Imagine walking home 2km with a bike on your shoulders in metal spiky biking shoes not designed for walking! Click, click, click, click echoed through the neighborhood. Imagine walking home in spin shoes!

After the fact we both laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation and the comments from passerbys, "hey, aren't you supposed to ride that thing", "that's an interesting method", and my favourite, "honey, I think you might be doing it wrong". This story is reflective of how we all start projects, work on goals or dedicate our time to endeavours with the best of intentions and either encounter obstacles or life changes and so does your direction. Over the past few months Michelle had started a new role in her dream job and I had commenced my MBA giving us both less time for Social Impact Canada.
However what did continue over the past few months was our commitment to supporting each other. We continued to listen and engage in each others lives through connection and conversation. Right now for us, our form of social impact is being there for each other as we continue to grow ourselves and our consulting practice #consultinglife #bffgoals #trainning #soulsister #lifeisbeautiful #fitchallenge

One of the best pieces of advice was given to me years ago by a friend. At that time I was struggling with life decisions on what to do with myself. This mental obsessing led me to chasing myself in circles. One day on a walk with a friend, after obsessing yet again he said to me "the definition of madness is doing the same thing everyday and expecting different results". This advice has served me every single day since that conversation. A few months ago Michelle and I laid out clear goals and a vision for ourselves. Once you become clear on your goals, it allows you to find the right strategy towards actionable and achievable calls to get you to understand what will be different in your life and what will cause those changes for you. Participating consciously in conversations and projects that supported our growth, allowed us to achieve something we had not done before #goals😍 #visionboard #consciousness #friends #expectations

Our careers are a huge part of our lives. We work to make money to afford a living and hope that along the way we find our purpose. There are those that move through life without exploring and those that never stop.  I met an individual on my trip to Montreal who is the direct result of what can happen when you take the time to explore your interests. He's a retired architect, beekeeper, beeswax candle maker, a restorer of ancient Persian rugs and also an extremely talented renovator. He owned a beautiful 1900 century home that he restored and has ran a successful beeswax business out of his basement for the past 15yrs. On his spare time he goes off to India for a few months to build schools and homes in villages... And he grows his own veggies. A true entrepreneur.
Sometimes our jobs can't give us what we need to feel fulfilled. If this is a realization you have had maybe it's time to do some exploring. Trushna and I have gone through this journey ourselves and we can tell you, you definitely have the power to find what it is that makes you happy.  We both moved provinces and were looking for the next step. A little lost we began by simply meeting up with individuals in our community working on projects we thought were interesting. For the most part people are amazing and willing to provide mentorship. Our journey led us to start SIC. We wanted to explore new projects to get involved with and share them with you. They are a great place to start your exploration and a way to make a real difference in our world. #soact

In honor of Earth Day we wanted to share a cool project on 🐝 . Besides the obvious benefit of honey these small insects create the beautiful lush 🌻flowering🌻 landscapes we look forward to come spring time, they are essential to the fruits and vegetables we pick up at the grocery store, and they create propolis which is a natural disinfectant and antibiotic. On top of all this beekeeping has therapeutic benefits.
@Hives4Humanity is a non-profit organization that encourages community connections through beekeeping. Based out of Vancouver they offer some really cool programming that fosters connectivity to nature and to each other. They are working to save the bees and build stronger communities. Both essential pieces of a healthy plant.
For those of you looking to do your part in your neighborhood as spring rolls around, guess what? It's so easy! Every one of you out there can help . Plant bee-friendly flowers without the use of pesticides.  Plant native flowers in your area in pots on your doorstep, front yard, in your lawns, in your boulevards. Campaign to have them planted in public gardens, community spaces, meadows. Let's save our bees! #earthday #bringbackthebees #plant

Want to be a part of an environmental change project in Nova Scotia? @CleanFoundation is always looking for volunteers to plant trees to assist with the restoration of streams. By planting trees near streams at risk it enhances the riparian zone, improves water quality, and creates a better habitat for the little fishies 🐡. Do some good for the 🌎 and get planting! #plant #trees

We at Social Impact Canada believe in creative expression of self. 99% of our intelligence remains untapped in our subconscious. In this space powerful ideas, inspiration and solutions to complexity can be found. Techniques in which to access the power of your subconscious are quietude and meditation. Through constant practice you can strengthen this connection within yourself. Insightful ideas then evolve into creative expression through you. Your newfound inspiration becomes the foundation not only for changing yourself but also the world around you. I Meditate Calgary is a free city wide movement offering group meditation opportunities. This is a great way to meet like minded individuals whilst collectivity focusing on personal growth #meditation #selfreflection #practice #insights #personalgrowth #yyc #imeditatecalgary

One way to stay in your magic is connecting with others through community building. Go into any community and create a future that would not exist had it not been for your input. By adding a positive contribution to any social impact project in your local community you not only develop self but you enhance social cohesion #growth #awareness #canada #socialimpact #magical #future #yeg #alberta

I am currently reading Stroke of Insight by Dr Jill Bolte Taylor. The book is fascinating on many levels. I recommend it not only as a tool towards understanding your own anatomy/biology and the perceptions you create of reality but it is also a guide that fosters awareness of mental health. Awareness creates empathy and empathy is what connects us. The Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is a national charity that helps maintain and improve mental health for all Canadians. Their vision is mentally healthy people in a healthy society. The true mark of a healthy society is to try and understand another's situation by asking . . . "how does this feel for you and what does this look like for you?" #mentalhealth #empathy #awareness #canada #society

"We have the power moment by moment to choose who and how we want to be in the world. Take responsibility for the energy you bring into your world" Jill Bolte Taylor #energy #choices #be #jillboltetaylor

We 💟 animals!! It's crazy how much positive energy they can bring to your life. I'm sure all you animal lovers out there know exactly what we are talking about. We found a really cool organization that works to keeps the wildlife in Canada and around the world safe. Animals play a vital role in so many communities and it's up to us to make sure we are treating them with respect. If you are passionate about this cause there are tons of ways to get involved if you check out @worldanimalprotectioncanada or one of the many other organizations doing great things! Enjoy your long weekend 🐤 🐇 #animals #wildlife #protection

This week I met an incredible leader. After meeting with this individual I started to feel a shift in my own perspective. This got me thinking about leadership itself.
Impactful leaders converse in a way that is less about getting you to like them as much as it is about getting you to love yourself more. They elucidate the best in you, through your vulnerability.

Impactful leaders walk into a room and read others through unspoken communication. They note facial expressions, tone of voice, and body language to quickly understanding the truth in the situation. They create room for honest conversation. Their high social awareness fosters stronger authentic connection in a raw and real way. When you reflect on people that have left an impression on you, what resonated with you? #leadership #impact #BOP #changemakers #perspective

We are always in a state of seeking to achieve something. Whether that is a job, relationship or financial goal but part of human nature is seeking to be and do more than what has gone before us. Pursuit of achievement can get overwhelming and confusing. And sometimes you feel like you are waiting for the right moment, the right person or the right opportunity.
Instead of waiting for those moments to occur to open up your life, create them for yourself. Do this by putting yourself out there amongst like minded people that you want to be in conversation with or collaborating in places that position you for success.
The Hive is a community hub for social impact. This is an inclusive shared learning and resource space made up of not for profits, artists, creatives, activists and professionals that collectively contribute a vast talent pool towards each other. Learn more here about collective working spaces

The more you pursue connections in places that interest you, the more you are creating the moments in life for opportunities to occur for you #socialimpact #create #inclusion #community #achievement #selfempowerment #selflove

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