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summers  Backup @socalsummers_ Military Wife~Mom~Jeep~Photography SELF LOVE 💘 NEVADA

Front lawn vibes😊 when I get to officially escape humanity and live in the hills😋

It invariably disgusts some people when I post a pic of myself eating. They are why teenage girls feel the need to eat a fucking lettuce leaf at the lunch table or skip lunch all together too embarrassed to eat in front of people. They are the same assholes that insted of being encouraging to someone new at the gym will snicker and judge. No one is perfect. Inside or out. We all have things we are constantly working on. And we can not judge someone without knowing their story and knowing that it is a on going book in progress, everyday. If you judge that book by its cover before ever opening it you're just an ignorant jackass😊

Freedom isn't free🔫😍memorial days coming up! How will you celebrate??? Think of all the fucking wonderful #freedom we have in america😊💣

Places so quiet you don't have to try to hear yourself think. It just comes to you. This is where time slows to the pace we were ment to exist. And I don't even mind sitting here growing old😊

My gal pal🐎🐴🦄💕riding is going well. My lack of assertiveness is probably the biggest hurdle. I have a TON of fun when we are practising cutting cows. But overall gaining confidence with horses in general😊Dreaming of the day when I can rescue some. I really appreciate all the support I'm getting on patreon, making these lessons and preparation possible! XOXOXO

This is what cats feel like when they stretch. We could take a lesson from cats in that they really give zero fucks about being fat. They will just stretch out like "I own this bitch" anywhere, pouch and all, it literally has never once stopped a cat from enjoying the sunshine🐱😻😊💕🌞 Enjoy the sunshine on your lovely imperfect bodies😘💘👑

I totally have that "inner thigh jiggle". Like it's bad. Yall know what I'm talking about, that area right there lol Truth is when people look at me it's not what they notice tho. And I seriously doubt any man worth your time is going to see some thigh jiggle and be like "um no actually we aren't going to do this" on highlighting what makes you feel strong and beautiful, fuck the rest, some of it you can't change and gauneteed no one will ever care as much as you do. Hell, someone may actually find the things you hate about yourself attractive😊💕

Hope everyone's day is going well😊 Been busting butt ALL weekend getting some more fencing in. Still at it....someone bring me some beer😩🍺😜on a side note...sorry I've been so busy working on this I haven't been replying to comments and messages like I normally do, feel like a jerk about that😐I'll get caught up with yall I promise😘

Do what makes you happy😊Dont do the same thing today you were doing yesterday if it wasn't going to get you there. Go get some😀💕XOXOXO pic by @goldenboyphotographyca

I actually had fun dancing last night :) people prolly think I look like a confused individual. Lol all the other girls out at these places in Reno are all dressed up, makeup done. Me, johndeere hat ponytail, and jeans 😊 #zerofucksgiven my dancing partner is skilled, I smile a lot and try to keep up. Having fun is what it's all about😁 .
.full striptease vid available on😘 .
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Work hard, play hard. Pretty much sums up my condition at the moment. Rough night...have to get my ass in gear tho, working on fencing today.

Be your own kind of sexy💕💥

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