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Summers VonHesse  Military Wife~Mom~Jeep~Photography SELF LOVE 💘 NEVADA Summersvonhesse@gmail.com


FAIL, FAIL, AND FAIL😂 I was shooting a video for patreon this evening. This video involved glitter, lots of fucking glitter applied with aloe. Apparently they put lidocaine in aloe now days. So I just rubbed myself down with lidocaine and glitter, oh happy day.😂😨😠 noticed because I started to feel weird tingling.

So today I was feeling pretty shitty about myself. I got done shoveling chicken shit, feeding animals, taking care of kids, looked at myself in the mirror and just felt plain. I never wear makeup, my clothes are old and boring. So I thought I'd make myself not look so plain. Truth is I was comparing myself to others. I feel dumb as hell with all this shit on my face. It's not me. And it didn't make me feel any better. I had to get myself back in check that I am my own unique beautiful and sexy and awesome person. Someone else's beauty dosnt diminish my own. Someone else's status or clothes dosnt make them any better. In a world where we are taught that certain things make one person better than another this is a lifelong struggle to really honor my self and not want to be more like anyone else.

‎"Hey YOU, yes you. Stop being unhappy with yourself, you are perfect. Stop wishing you were someone else or that someone liked you as much as they like someone else. Stop trying to get attention from those who hurt you. Stop hating your body, your face, your personality, your quirks, Love them. without those things you wouldn't be you. Be confident with who you are. Smile, it'll draw people in. If anyone hates you because you're happy with yourself forget them.. Your happiness doesn't depend on others. Be happy because you love who you are, Love your flaws, Love your imperfections, because they make you and "You" are pretty amazing."💖🤗

Ahhaa sweet dreams everyone! I'm exhausted😩had my son's 3rd birthday today, felt like I was in the kitchen baking shit or decorating the entire day. It was a success and he smiled a lot, so entirely worth it! And I'm elated that it's getting cool enough at night to wear sweatshirts to bed #comfy yesss!

200% true. There is little I find more interesting or beautiful than the wrinkled worn face of a cowboy or the weathered tangled mane of a mustang. These things scream of character and life. And life is beautiful.

"Someday at 11:30 on a Sunday you will wake up next to the love of your life and make some coffee and pancakes and nothing else will have mattered"

Good morning🌅💖 y'all have a beautiful day! Be more badass today than you were yesterday🤗

(Guys back me up on this, say somethin positive about the mommy belly!)The mommy belly👍😊 this fucking wonderful loose skin pouchy kangaroo shit! I would NEVER let my husband touch this area, I visibly cringed....no I take that back I wanted to hit him whenever he had the nerve to touch my pouch lol. Learning to love this different way my body looks was a process. Talking with guys, and actually really listening to my husband was a big eye opener. It occurred to me, this mofo isn't trying to get in my pants, he's been married to me for years saying the same shit, he's prolly telling the truth. I'm not saying you need anyone's approval on your body, but for me a huge part of learning to love it was hearing what men had to say. Coming to the understanding that I was way too harsh on myself. I expected an amount of perfection they don't require and that Id never expect in anyone else so I needed to cut the shit. Get out of your own head, when someone tells you your pretty or your SO tells you they love a part of you....these people aren't lying🤗💖

(Swipe right mofos!) I had the chance to go to this street photo meet up today in LA! Totally never done anything like this before, it was a neat experience. There were all kind of models and performers and everyone ran about taking photos. I may or may not have gotten in some topless shots by a really cool graffitied out bridge😁📸📸📸💖📸💖💖💖 check out @butch_locsin_from_la for some really nifty work!

😂😂😂 going to @sarahsapora #bodyloveworkshop today!!!! Yay!!! Sober fully clothed yoga going to be a different experience😂 #drunkyoga

Missing wide open places😭I had to WALK to get a coffee this morning😲lol.....i actually laughed at myself for being irritated. I think walking a lot is normal around here.

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas😁 ha ha dream on guys....Hooked up with @sincity_marie_ yesterday to shoot some pics! Sexy big booty mom's pretending like society never told us we weren't model material #zerofucksgiven Isn't it nice to see 2 normal unphotoshopped curvy women💖I want to start seeing more of this kinda art📸
.this set will be up on my patreon.com/socalsummers page in a few days (link in bio)

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