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summers  Military Wife~Mom~Jeep~Photography SELF LOVE 💘 NEVADA


Trying to remind myself I'm a tiger right now🐯my destination on this trip is my hometown in Michigan😕I haven't been back in years. Lots of bad feelings. The only reason I am making the trip is for my little brother. Hes been seeing the same girl for 9 years and they are finally getting married!😄I don't get along with a lot of my family. They are very toxic people. (My mom included) And I made a choice to cut ties with that. Its very hard to be back around them. I already cannot wait for that part of it to be over. Takes constant reminding that I am in control of me. That no matter what bullshit anyone says to or about me I can and will walk around with my head up😊

@califashionography did this awesome edit on one of my dance video clips!💖😍what do yall think!?😁 I love it💖💖💖there are SO many guys out there who really appreciate ALL different ladies, it's so cool. I❤U, keep doing ur thing making us ladies feel the love😊XOXOX

This is really cool! @kris._.chan so unique😍😍😍❤❤❤✉✉✉love it....mostly love that even my rolly polly ass is art💖#everybodyisart

Prolly the most beautiful photo I've taken. This place was magical. A stop off in Utah yesterday morning💖😍🦄💕like a dream💖

Natural beauty, something nature did a good job on :) just learn to enjoy it😊! Its insane to me that in this supposed most progressive county and time in on the planet we are so prude about sex and our bodies. We are so loathing of our natural forms. Things like cellulite, or stretch marks, are regularly photoshoped. Men take all kinds of supplements to look bigger, women go get injections and surgeries of every kind to meet some perceived ideal of perfect. And we continue this trend of self loathing at failure to meet something that is a false reality to begin with. It is natural to have all different types of bodies and imperfections. By hiding these imperfections it sets young people up for such heartbreak in life and in relationships. We could just stop the bullshit, start recognizing that beauty doesn't come in the form of the Kardashian experiments and all their fakeness and vogue with its photoshop, but in real people with all of their awesome unique variatio💖. ....pic by @goldenboyphotographyca

Driving through Utah!😊💖 getting close to Colorado and the Rockies. Have gotten some amazing photos, saw a phenomenal sunrise. Been a great day so far😄💖😎💕

Can we all just agree that BOOTY🍑 is an amazing thing? Love the booty that you have😊 big, little, round, flat, square, dimpled, toned💖that BOOTY!!!🍑🍑🍑🍑gaunetee you someone else already loves your kind of sexy😊
I took a stupid amount of photos in front of this yellow wall this morning lol....was kinda obsessed with it. It was so ugly. Will be a cool gallery on patreon.com/socalsummers next month!

So im a nerd...yall prolly have picked up on that by now lol. I spent the day digging for trilobites😍😍😍😍hit up a badass rock shop...now I'm on my way back out into the desert today dig for Sunstones😃my kids have an awesome childhood.

💕☡dangerous curves☡💕lol this sign cracked me up, definitely worthy of a quick pic😜 .
Don't forget to go join the new "fame monkey" app and follow me! I don't have to sensor everything over there😊 socalsummers screen name!

Omg you guys! Just got back into town a bit ago. Utah is gorgeous. Took an awesome set of photos for patreon next month(this is one of them😊) Hiked around looking for fossils. Found rattler snakes🐍going out again in a little bit to check out this giant dry lake bed...❤❤❤#desertlife

I follow girls who do this nude modeling crap...they take amazing photos. They live free and interesting lives, work with awesome photographers, have killer bodies. And as I head out into the desert today, I have to laugh at myself. I'm just about none of those things. I am an ordinary stay at home mom. My body is way less than killer. I don't load up and go off all cool like on some romantic adventure. I have a 2 and 5 yr old with me...lol...they make everything really less than glamours. We will be doing our normal off roading, hiking, and I will snap a few pictures myself along the way. It's a strange thing to fall into. I've fallen in love with the hobby, and I'm eternally grateful for the support and the opportunity to show other women you can have a fucked up body and still be art :)

Found some wildflowers up in a mountain pass🌼🌸🏵🌷🌱they smelled so effing lovely😍will be headed out to do some mad off roading and hiking today. There are some very awesome rock hounding locations and a huge dry lake bed here to shoot pics at. Yay💕💕💕😄😄

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