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SoCal Krew  The official @krewella fan base for Southern California | #KREWLIFE #SOCALKREW

The @travelkrew store is the one stop shop for all exclusive merch. SoCal Krew tees are currently off the store, but we will get them back up soon! Love ya Krew ❤️ #krewlife

SoCal Krew we threw down! Shoutout to all our incredible Krew that came out and raged with us ❤️❤️❤️ #krewella #krewlife

This past weekend I got to watch my favorite artists play at a festival celebrating unity and love amongst a strong community built on the foundation of religious values. To further explain, yes the festival celebrated the LGBTQ association, but what was truly inspirational was the energy given from the crowd in Orem, Utah, a mormon community that has taken into context the actual meaning of acceptance and love from their own biblical studies. To see everyone come together in peace and respect is a sight worth seeing and to not feel any negativity is a bliss everyone deserves to feel. So to connect this to my point, this is who Travel Krew is. A group of friends, now family, who have broken down the walls and stigmas of society and come together to form an unbreakable bond of love and acceptance. People always ask, how can you constantly go to Krewella shows or what makes them so special. To put it in the simplest terms, they taught me how to step out of my bubble and see the world through the eyes of love and not fear. Being in this group isn’t about how much money we have, who knows the sisters better, or showing off. It has always been about unifying not just ourselves, but others to the ideals we have come to learn from Jahan and Yasmine and to set forth a safe haven for others seeking someone to talk to or just a new group of friends to rage with at a show. Like the community in Utah, we give people a hand in feeling okay to step out of their comfort zone and be themselves. Showing them love isn’t something to be confined, but to be spread like wildfire so the world can see it in its purest form whether it be friendship, a lesbian marriage or a transgender making her way through life figuring out there are people who are out there ready to spread that fire with you. So this is Travel Krew, this is SoCal Krew, this is any group the krew makes up, but more importantly this is who I am and this post is for everyone who we’ve encountered in our travels or adventures. You are all so loved and my heart is full of it knowing I get to enjoy the ride with you all by my side - Seancraig ❤️ #Krewlife #Krewella #LoveLoud

Sending many birthday wishes and love to our big sister Jahan! Make sure y'all wish her a happy birthday ❤️ #krewlife #krewella #socalkrew

Each of you bring so much to the table in this group and ya'll make me so happy! Can't wait to take the SoCal Krew into the future and blow this shit up. Love you all and glad we got to hang ❤️ -Seancraig #socalkrew #krewella #krewlife

LA Krew! Go support ya girls @krewella this weekend at the Electric Family pop up! Catch us there ❤️ #krewella #krewlife #socalkrew #electricfamily

SoCal Krew x @travelkrew beach day! Nothing but love for our girls @krewella ❤️ #krewlife #krewella

Yo SoCal you ready to throw down with our girls @krewella ?! Make sure you get your tickets for the New World tour stop at the Hollywood Palladium September 29th! See everyone there ❤️ #krewella #krewlife #socalkrew

Throwwwwback to MTV Fandom Awards!!! There wasn't a lot of Krew there but we raged hard enough to make up for everyone!!! #socalkrew #krewlife (Sorry for the shakiness!) @krewellayasmine @krewellajahan @krewella @seancraigmay @mermaid_party @pala_sun @alyssa_nicolee1

'Get Wet' album cover and SUPER OG Krewella logo in a sick glass light up

Super throwback to the 'Get Wet' tour! Jahan telling everyone to put their 🖕🏼 up during 'Ring of Fire' #socalkrew #krewlife

Jahan and Yazzy tearing it up in Vegas. #socalkrew #krewlife

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