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Crenn  Living in France

When you are waiting for breakfast in bed because it's Saturday and nobody shows up...
Mademoiselle: Do you think he forgot us?
Me: Don't need to think! I'm sure...
Mademoiselle: 😼

Mademoiselle: God helps those who rise early.
Me: What's the link with this leaf?
Mademoiselle: No link.
Me: Brit's humor can be so different!
Mademoiselle: it was not humor. It's life.
Me: πŸ™„.

This day you went to the Shrink and he wanted you to lie and asked :
The Shrink: What about your mother?
Mademoiselle: You mean the one who forgot me at school yesterday? ... (long silence) ... I don't want to talk about my mother.
The Shrink: πŸ’°πŸ’΅πŸ’°

The face you do when it is your second week at school and you're the last one left from the classroom because your mom forgot to pick you up and you're terrified, but you want to look cool...

Caturday mornings are the best

Me: What are you doing exactly?
Mademoiselle: Catching this chair.
Me: Why a chair?
Mademoiselle : Because I don't succeed with birds. So I'm practicing my hunting skills. It's logical... you don't need to ask more.
Me: πŸ™„

Mademoiselle: Having such a lovely name and so devastating #irma2017.
Me: I'm so sad. But I'm thinking of all these people under the rain, I am in shock, I hope my thoughts help. Mademoiselle: I hope...

Because laughing together at a birthday party is the best way to enjoy life. Happy first birthday , Mademoiselle, I love you.

It has been 4 years and 4 months since I arrived on IG.
My first cat was Basile, and my followers know this shot means a lot to me.
Mr C... took the same 3 years ago with me and Basile, and I loved it so much, that my two daughters helped me manage Mademoiselle to capture this shot.
I miss my Basile every day, and I thank my husband, Mr C from the bottom of my heart for offering me Mademoiselle. She has such her own character. She is so funny and always so skeptical about existence.
She plays the game to take photos for our followers, as did Basile. She licked my tears away and made me laugh when I was feeling down.
Today, on the 8th of September, she turns one. I wish to enjoy her a long time, because when they leave us, it is too hard.
For me, IG is a wonderful way to enjoy life and beauty. For beauty is in each of your comments. I always read all my comments, spending hours before going to sleep.
I've never imagined when I reached this community how much my life would change. I've had so many wonderful opportunities, and I've met countless incredible people.
I would love more time to reply to all, but as you all know I am a busy nurse...
This creative community of @instagram is my second family and I want to thank all my followers for supporting me, inspiring me and for loving my Mademoiselle.
As of 4 years, my English is not really perfect, but I don't care. Charm is in the heart.
I thank each of you from the bottom of my heart. Each of you are my friends...because friendship has no frontiers.

Me: You have an appointment at the vet tomorrow. He wants to know your weight. Please, can you stop moving?

Mademoiselle Thinking:
I always will remember this day, the day mommy put me in a cup as a vulgar egg.
Upsetting! .

When you are ready for school.
And you realize your backpack will be too heavy.

Waiting fo Santa.

Mademoiselle: Mommy, I love Christmas! What day is it?
Me: πŸ™„

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