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Crenn  Living in France

Mr C...: Wyoming is wonderful. This yellow stone was so amazing. Look on your right. It's beautiful.
Me: Yes ,but , we rent a car. It would be better to rent a horse.
Mr C...: 🙄

Me: I'm so happy to celebrate #bastilleday today.
Mademoiselle: So happy too: 🎵🎶God save the queen....🎶🎵
Me: 🙄

Mr C...: This tea is delicious. I would like to share it with Mademoiselle. She's so British she would love it.
Me: I'm French, it doesn't mean I 'm not able to enjoy tea!
Mr C...: 🙄

Me: crunch crunch crunch
Mr C...: our plane is in two hours, you will not stay here all day eating this pop corn!
Me: Why not? #Garretspopcorn are so delicious, I could stay here all my life!
Mr C....:🙄

One day in Reykjavik. Thank you @icelandair to make it possible . #icelandair

Me: She will take care of you. Mademoiselle: Where are you going exactly?
Me: Montana.
Mademoiselle: I never thought, Montana could ever be more interesting than a Brit.

Mademoiselle: What?
Me: yes!
Mademoiselle : @jennzalez ? Who is this woman?
Me: Your catsitter for one month.
Mademoiselle: Seriously?

Me: Don't touch. This is serious.
Mademoiselle: Look! It's funny, it turns.
Me: I have to explain to you something....

Mademoiselle: Is the United States a big country?
Me: A very big one!
Mademoiselle: Is it far away?
Me: Yes. You must cross the ocean.
Mademoiselle: Do American people like cats?
Me: They love cats.
Mademoiselle:😻 I wish all my American friends a wonderful  independence day. I thank you for all the love and friendship you share with us every day, and all the support you give to us especially when life is so difficult.
Thank you @instagram for changing our lives and making the world so small and wonderful.

On this day you decided pink is not your color.

The face you do when Mom calls you to eat but it's just a staging...
Me: You look sad.
Mademoiselle: No, just disappointed.
Me: Why?
Mademoiselle: I let you guess.
Me: In many countries, it's normal to eat flowers.
Mademoiselle: Just in case, I would like to remind you that we live in France...
Me: Sometimes I am disappointed too because of your lack of imagination. I suppose it's because you're a Brit.
Mademoiselle: Good joke, but you used it already.... Me: 🤔

Mademoiselle: There's a bird outside that's mocking me.
Me: That bird doesn't care about you.
Mademoiselle: Because... for sure, you speak bird?
Me: 🤔

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