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Sophie  A wonderful creamed spinach.

Last month, I interviewed Jumaiyah, the co-founder of Halalfoodhunt, for CLEO Change Makers. This quote from her stuck with me for a really long time. Growing up, I was taught that you can succeed as long as you work hard. Then I graduated from school and slowly learnt how privilege puts us all on different starting points, and how things like gender, race, and class - amongst many other factors that we have no control over - can actually stand between us and our success.

It’s discouraging, but then there are people like Jumaiyah who keep persisting despite it all. She texted me yesterday to thank me for this piece, because it highlighted not just her successes but her struggle to get there. So here’s to hoping that her story inspires other people who feel like they can’t succeed because of their gender or race, and gives them the strength to overcome these challenges that has no place in a meritocracy. Link in bio ☝🏻

You’re the only home I’ve ever known. 🇸🇬

When hanging out = wine & whine.

Lost my damn mind yesterday. CL is such a badass and will forever and always remain my fave. 😭

ngl Holiday Sophie looks so much better than Day-to-Day Sophie

*in a low, husky whisper* “baby I’ve been around the block, but you were the best I ever had.”

Why my horoscope make me sound so cb one.

I’d rather...

I luv u like Ah Lian luv liew lian

Earlier this year, I spoke to three lovely women who work very closely with the grim reaper. Their stories are rich and inspiring, and I can’t fit half of them onto these pages. My takeaway from them is this: never take each sunrise for granted, experience everything that you want to, and hold your loved ones close. Link in bio ☝🏻

Also, thank you @jennytay_9909 for introducing me to Xiao Hui... one day before you were due to deliver baby Skyla! I will never not be amazed by that 😸

The guy managing Sisterfield’s parking space recognized me because I kept going back to leech off their WiFi to call a GrabBike. Was complaining that it’s scorching, to which he replied “tidak panas, tidak Bali” with such zen.
I’m a little weary from people trying to sell me things or solicit cash for performing favors that I didn’t ask for, but I also meet kind souls and friendly faces sometimes. I’m grateful - especially to that stranger who helped me flip my bike back up without asking for anything in return hahahahah.

And when I awoke I was alone
This bird had flown
So I lit a fire
Isn't it good, Norwegian wood?

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