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Shelz The Great 🤘🏿🇺🇸  Guns, Speed, Loud Music // I Love The Home Team 🇺🇸 // #GrindHardStayHumble // U.S. Army Veteran #RearGun #GoOrdinance

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Life is an absolute bitch some days, it'll throw punches and kicks at you until you're down on your hands and knees begging for a foot to breathe, and life won't even give you an inch. But there's a breed of men and women who accept the outcome, and no matter how shitty life gets, No matter how hard it hits, and hurts, they stand right back up, time after time again, to put one foot in front of the other and push forward. Because those men and women have a goal. Their passion fuels their fire. Stop speaking, start fucking #DOING Greatness isn't achieved by mere fucking words, it's achieved by actions. 🔥 #ADifferentBreed #NeverFuckingQuit

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Let 'em bleed.

Short Ribs And Salad..


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I don't really care if you cryyyyyyyy...

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Good morning everyone! Go to any of these online music outlets to listen to a ⛾⛾⛾⛾BRAND NEW TRACK⛾⛾⛾⛾ @papifiggs and I did together! And thank you to @dj_anrky for helping with some of the writing 🤗😚. Thank you figgs, for wanting me to be apart of your journey and making history with you. I can only wish you nothing but success because you deserve it. It's always a pleasure n fun working with you and I can't wait to kill more shit with u fam. Congratulations figgs 😃 #Suavenchy #silky #ayypapi #papifiggs #kristalei #musicislife #SilkyNoName

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