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Hey momma I know you looking down and saying here is my baby girl..... no I won’t stop doing you proud.... you took a great part of me with you to heaven.... you left your baby girl here but I’m over the tears.... I just hope u are happy and u send some of that happiness my way too.... #excorper #Pop #i paid the price

Call me Au bc I’m gold when I’m in my element......

In the end we would all die..... stay positive and happy while alive

Not a happy birthday bt ama smile regardless......

Hey momma.... your daughter is strong I just miss u....

It promises to be all shades of interesting and also a life changing one.... don't miss out

Let it soak in like seasoning 🍓🍓

Be happy.... that's all that matters 😍😍😍

I wanted to wait till the end of today but the excitement won't let me
The calls asking if I forgot Beyoncés birthday was getting too much
Don't ask me if she knows me... I know her and dats enough for me
The first person I think of whenever something good happens to me
The only reason I want to keep pushing no matter how hard it seems
The voice that sings me to life when I'm down...
To a business tycoon
A never say never woman
The first voice I would hear when I walk through the gates of heaven
.Cheers to 36 and more years to come
I love u phenomenally....
Happy birthday 🎂🎈🎊🎉🎁 Beyoncé
#mama Blue
#mama Sir
#mama Rumi

I don't want to buy ur love..... I want to feel it.....
#Je suis Mary

Just as it is winding down real fast...I want to make a big shout out to the very persons who made my Saed lectures interesting... my morning meditations something to look forward evening parade fun..... I laughed a little too hard wen I was with u guys... #thanks for making this whole thing worth the while.... I would miss u guys more than I can ever say #my akampkaexperience


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