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Each one of these unique souls have 1 thing in common. Saturdays training sesh at @lacostasupersport #sdlocalfit #teamwaya #calilocal

"Sly Guy" Daniel you will be missed by your pack. Your sweet smile and kind soul will not be forgot. A fallen wolf and a forever memory in our hearts. #teamwaya @spiritualshmeed

Happy 💕 Day

Legend has it that if you listen to people's b******* for long enough you'll start to believe it. 🔊🙉🚫 #problemsolved

Ive found my energies have been needed in other places than the gym lately, but i got in for some rowing intervals and glute focus today and feel pretty good. Took my time, brought down the weight & listening to my body trying to rehab a funky hip🤔

I love making my costumes for stage the artistic creative side emerges.
➡️A teacher asked what is forgiveness? The little girl answered and said "it is the wonderful smell the flower gives when its being crushed"🥀 Channeling the warrior goddess strong yet delicate as a flower. What do you use for inspiration? @fitnessuniversetour @impactfoto

Flex it up Friday. Figure pose down. October 2017 Burbank.
What a pleasure to be on stage with so many talented women. The gal far left 73 years young🙊

Sometimes you don't quite understand the path but it's days like these that make you smile and realize that these things are all part of the plan. I had the privilege of training with two beautiful women today both excited about taking to the stage for their first time. Im privilege that I get to be a part of their Journey. @annabellecastrofit @jdonut6 #teamwaya #sdlocalfit

Happy hump day super blue blood moon lunar eclipse from the ladies at #teamwaya 😆🌕
ohh hott damn there is some intense energy brewing. #impactfoto #fitnesscomp #bikinichamp #sdlocalfit #fitnessuniverse #musclemania

Solitude can be your souls best friend @sdca_brand #runitout #cbad #sdca #1904

Got ahold of my shots from the California Fitness Universe Show in Burbank @fitnessuniversetour this was a most difficult comp for me. I have never gone from one comp right into prepping for anther show. Staying lean for 6 months was tough. I placed 3rd in this competition. Im happy to say ive taken time off since than from a strick training & scdl. I have been able to enjoyed more flexible dieting with heavy lifting. We meet tonight as #teameaya to discuss our year head and have a guest speaking to maybe guide us in a new direction. #heresto2018 #impactfoto

You may feel a deep reverence and heart connection with everything that exists you'll find that you are modern Mystic. Youll be a Mystic whose heart is drunken with love. in the end, that emptiness you felt as a terrifying condition and tried to get rid of by all kinds of creative means turned out to be sacred a doorway to your aloneness that was always perfect and lacked nothing -Buddah Maitreya📚💡😚 #anamthubten #guidetotheawakenedlife #goodread

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