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-Snoopy 12y/o mare🦄💗  Loving & caring ❤️


#TB to when there was snow❄️ Going to see her again tomorrow:) It was kinda difficult this week, because of the bad weather and the storm.... Also going to see Isa @haflinger.mara again tomorrow😊

So today I did some freejumping😻 Usually Snoopy doesn't really get it, but I thought why not try it again?! She did soooo well😊 Eventually she reached the 90cm!! What a power pony💙🤘🏻

#TB our second competition😊 Sorry that I haven't been really active the past week, but I was feeling sick... Also haven't been able to go to Snoop this week:( I'll be going again tomorrow or monday😅

Had such a fun day with Isa (@haflinger.mara ) I also rode Mara and she was so so sweeeet💗 {SWIPE FOR VIDEO}

When there still was snow.....❄️ It's still the holidays, but I kinda planned too much... I don't have a lot of time to go and see Snoopy😫 I did go and see her today and I lunged her because the sand arena was really bad... She was really relaxed!! I'm going to see @haflinger.mara tomorrow:)❤️

Today😻 So today I wanted to chill bitless and bareback, but Snoopy had quite some energy😂 So I decided to lunge her for the first time with halter instead of bridle! As you may know she had quite a lot of trouble with lunging and I really had to help/teach her and in the beginning even with 2 people... And now with only a halter😻😻 Really really proud of her❤️

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This was a fun year with a looot of fun stuff!! I had my first dressage lesson with her, a tricktraining lesson, we went swimming and a lot of other things💗 We had our ups and downs, but we always figured it out:) I hope for a lot of more good moments next year! We (Indy & I) also lost someone special.... Our dear Fleur❤️ She's the brightest star above✨I hope you all have a great year next year!!🤘🏻💙

Playing session with my girl 💗🍃 I had to delete the sound because of the copyright:(

Have a merry merry Christmas guys! Enjoy your time with the family💋🎄

When you're looking right into the suns soul....☀️ So I went to Snoopy on wednesday and we did some tricktraining:) She did really well even though she wasn't focussed on me the whole time😅 She also has quite a weird spot on her neck (hals) and I have no idea what it is... We're gonna treat it with some woundcreme (?) and hopefully it'll get better soon!! My best friend from Limburg is coming over for today and tomorrow so I'm not sure I'll be able to go and see Snoopy, but we'll see! -----
Q: Do you have holidays already??😊❄️

Girl power🤘🏻 Yesterday Snoopy and I had a little bareback ride:) We haven't ridden in 2 weeks so I wanted to start of a bit relaxing. She was quite hyped tho😂 Today I had a really relaxed dressage training! The past 1.5 year Snoopy and I practised on the canter. She used to trot really fast before getting into canter. And today the transition was nearly perfect for us!!😻 Really really happy with her💙🤘🏻

Today my mom took some pictures of me and Snoopy☺️ It was her first time actually making pictures with a camera ans I think she did quite a good job!😋 Really hope I can actually do something with her this weekend... The arena is really bad☹️ I am gonna try to make a lot of pictures this weekend!💗

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