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-Snoopy 12y/o mare🦄💗

Me & @amberrxjill 💗 So today..... We (@justtricor ) wanted to jump because the sand arena was quite good so we put out some jumps and made our ponies ready when we were riding for like 10 minutes it started to rain like hell so we got off again and waited untill the rain stopped and then we got back on our ponies and continued jumping! Well I noticed that me and Snoopy didn't jump in while because she got a little bit too excited😅 It was fun tho!! We also chilled for a long time in the stables and just cuddled with the ponies☺️ Just moment of realising how lucky we are to have such amazing ponies ❤️
📷: @driesuperponys

Tb to our first competition together💗😊

Pretty little pony😝💘 Well this is the result! She also had some light blue dots and my hand on her butt but you can't see that in this picture... It isn't really good but I like it!😂 It was so much fun to do!!😻

Finally went to Snoopy again today☺️ We did some bareback walking because it was quite warm😅 Tomorrow we're probably gonna paint the ponies and make cool pictures with @justtricor s camera😻😻
📷: @driesuperponys

I'm back home again!🎉 Of course I'm going to Snoopy tomorrow😋 Really missed her.....😢 So I'll be active again with posting and liking&commenting on your pictures!!
📷: @amberrxjill

Dublin was amazing😻 It's such a beautiful city! Today I'm leaving to London I'm so excited!!!😊 I'm staying there for 3 days and then I'm heading back home and ofcourse back to Snoopy😋💘
/📷: @driesuperponys \

Hey guys! I won't be really active the coming fee days because I'm going on a holiday😻 So I won't be active with liking and commenting on your posts and I won't be posting a lot. I'll try to post something but I don't know how the wifi is😬 Indy will take care of Snoopy while I'm away😊
📷: @shettastic

Goodmorning! Yesterday I went to the stables again😊 I really wanted to ride her because tomorrow I'm leaving to Dublin😻 The sand arena was shit tho..... But I did a lot of work with the inner leg just in an active walk and she did quite good! Listening to the inner leg is what she finds really hard so I really wanna practice that😊 I just had a sleepover at Indy's place and today we're going to the stables again and hopefully the sand arena will be a bit better!!


Had a really nice day with Meike (@driesuperponys ) Amber (@amberrxjill ) and Indy (@justtricor ) ! We went on a trailride and after a few gallops Snoopy walked really lame.... I immediatly got off checked her legs and hooves. Luckily it was a little rock and when we took it out she was completly fine again. Even though she was fine again I just walked the way home next to Snoopy. Besides that it was really fun!!😊❤️ Also Meike & Amber made some pictures so you'll see them soon! 📷: @shettastic

So this morning I got a text from the owner that Snoopy had an infection in her eye.... I headed to the stables to clean her eye and just brush her expecting it would be thick and dirty. When I arrived I actually didn't see it but when I looked closer I saw her left eye was a bit thick and that's it. I tried to clean it anyways because I don't want it to grow or get worse of course! Hopefully it'll be less thick tomorrow! Tomorrow me and @justtricor are gonna hang out with @driesuperponys & @amberrxjill 🎉💘

I decided to do this account all in English from now on! So today I went to Snoopy with @justtricor and Marije from @shettastic was with Indy as well😊 She took some pictures while we did some jumping and some bareback riding!

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