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래리 (Larry) | 94er | Germany  β€’ History of Art & Korean student β€’ Music, art, Final Fantasy trash & binge watcher β€’ Proud cat mommy - S & M 😼

So it seems that @aquafeather and I will see Dreamcatcher live in february 😍 #dreamcatcher #λ“œλ¦ΌμΌ€μ³

Re-discovered my love for japanese music, especially for Happiness / E-Girls 😍 #happiness #egirls #egfamily

What a sad day for the korean music industry.. I was happy to read about Taeyang's marriage but I can't believe that Jonghyun has passed away... He wasn't my bias but I respected him as an artist and I loved SHINee.. kpop has lost a talented singer. This is the dark side in kpop.. Rest in peace, you will be missed πŸ˜” #shinee #jonghyun

μ†ŒμΌ€ 씨가 μ•„μ£Ό μ˜ˆλ»μš” 😍 #고양이 #cat #catsgram

Taken on my way home from work. It is foggy and very cold the whole day but the weather somehow inspires me 😊 #photography #cold #foggy #사진

@aquafeather and I bought our first Red Velvet album and we got an Irene card, my bias πŸ’™ #redvelvet

When your kitty is too tired to run away and you take the chance to make thousands of dumb selfies with her while she is regretting everything :3 :D #cat #catsgram #고양이

When you want to study but your cat wants love and crawls on your lap (: #cat #catsgram #고양이

When you are too addicted to the new #ts4 expansion pack that you spend hours in the cas and build mode :)

We got the power for the last and most boring lecture :3 #lecture #university

Best supporter while studying :3 #cat #catsgram #고양이

I watched the new Final Fantasy XV Universe trailer. And died. LET ME BREATHE SQUARE ENIX I HAVEN'T EVEN PLAYED EPISODE GLADIOLUS OR EPISODE PROMPTO and already couldn't wait for Ignis' and now we get to see more of Ravus? My poor little heart can't take it πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜‚ #finalfantasy

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