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O^O lil tomato by @rinoholic^  OKAY BUT JHOPES MIXTAPE IS GONNA BE LIT I use alot of pose references lol

Rlly lazy and rought sketches from school
Someone. Take. Me. Back. To. My. Old. School. Where. Stress. Wasnt. A. Thing. And. We. Barely. Got. Any. Hw.

Almost cried twice while drawing this bc I hated it,,,, art block can be a bitch......BUUUUUUT I FINISHED THIS DRAWING OFF AND I FLIPPING LOVE IT AHDBAVCCJAF IM SO HAPPY W IT NOW EVEN THO I HATED THE SHIT OUTTA IT B4..... I struggled with normal anatomy recently and only drew chibis and then wasn't able to do em either but GUES WHAT,, YA HOE IS BACK

I don't like how this turned out too much but here...I never introduced Ruben because I was too lazy to design him and draw him out but he's harlyns step bro...Ruben has existed for almost half a year and I only decided to draw him now lmfao
Edit: ok I look back on this and I flipping hate it lmao

I forgot to post this but I designed a persona to drool over @rinoholic s OCS #tamatmocs

I was contemplating on making her an OC or not BUT IN THE END YEEEE SHES AN OC. Okay so Ineva (that's her name) is basically the older sister of Isaac, @rinoholic s oc... I always avoided coloring darker skin because it seemed difficult and I thought I couldn't make it good.. and I thought it'd be an insult if it didn't look good, but then I realized its an insult BECAUSE I avoided it so yeah.. coloring black skin wasn't as hard as expected so expect more melanin #tamatmocs

Enjoy being older, sluthalie. @watch_hotdogzz

Lmao rlly horrible lazy coloring but I like the anatomy #tamatmocs

AAAAA here's my part of the chibi art trade with @maddie_drawz_art it's her OC Lucas,,, I didn't what his pants and shoes look like so I improvised, I hope you like it XD

Because Lisa was sERviNGgGgGG in the new comeback,,, I mean like everyone was serving bless

Suga from bts because, I mean, why not

A cotton candy pastel vibe

"Just because the flower stands tall,doesn't mean she's healthy, doesn't mean she's got everything"
Now this ain't the beginning of the series I'm planning bc the series I'm planning Is starting out happy but like here's this thing I thought of,,

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