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O^O lil tomato by @rinoholic^  MY PFP IS BLOODY ADORABLE FITE ME OKAY BUT JHOPES MIXTAPE IS GONNA BE LIT I use alot of pose references lol

This was supposed to look be a dress with a mesh middle but it just looks like a two piece kms how to mesh pls

Something I drew in school and finished coloring today boop

Me: *has chem and maths test*
Me: *ends up drawing shit instead of studying*

Lil drawing of ineva i finished today #tamatmocs

New Oc #tamatmocs
I start school again after tomorrow and im so not ready i want a longer break ;____;

Sketch from school👀 ik its rlly stiff fusjcjsbfka

Me and @rinoholic made twin ocs based on that make a waifu website thingy but ye.. Cetra (this drawing is so old but i forgot to post it and stupid me forgot to put the date on the page when i was done w it)

*scribbles on hand bc idk how to do hands*
Art trade w @spookiibun / @chiibyun

New oc bc why not HERE'S MIRA

This is frm school and i rlly like it so here

Rlly lazy and rought sketches from school
Someone. Take. Me. Back. To. My. Old. School. Where. Stress. Wasnt. A. Thing. And. We. Barely. Got. Any. Hw.

Almost cried twice while drawing this bc I hated it,,,, art block can be a bitch......BUUUUUUT I FINISHED THIS DRAWING OFF AND I FLIPPING LOVE IT AHDBAVCCJAF IM SO HAPPY W IT NOW EVEN THO I HATED THE SHIT OUTTA IT B4..... I struggled with normal anatomy recently and only drew chibis and then wasn't able to do em either but GUES WHAT,, YA HOE IS BACK

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