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jae is a slut for wonpil ;)  Nona's art is fucking adorable fite me^^^^

Enjoy being older, sluthalie. @watch_hotdogzz

Lmao rlly horrible lazy coloring but I like the anatomy #tamatmocs

AAAAA here's my part of the chibi art trade with @maddie_drawz_art it's her OC Lucas,,, I didn't what his pants and shoes look like so I improvised, I hope you like it XD

Because Lisa was sERviNGgGgGG in the new comeback,,, I mean like everyone was serving bless

Suga from bts because, I mean, why not

A cotton candy pastel vibe

"Just because the flower stands tall,doesn't mean she's healthy, doesn't mean she's got everything"
Now this ain't the beginning of the series I'm planning bc the series I'm planning Is starting out happy but like here's this thing I thought of,,

Something I stayed up to finish, when I didn't plan for it to be anything more than a rough sketch so ya, here

Something I sketched and lined in the car yesterday, finished it when I got home

Fanart for @sketchy_pencil it's her custom mc,,,, like tbh her art is Rlly fockin gorgeous and I can't even

Ok but I worked on this for 13+ hours and idk if I should be proud of the outcome.....BUT HERES CORALIA IN HER MERMAID FORM #tamatmocs

It doesn't look like him but like yeah, used @rinoholic 's hotTIE asf oc, draven to practice watercolor #hideyoshiocs

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