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Morgan Healey 

Squats, dogs and cameras 😎

My new found element: talking shit, making deals while surrounded by dogs and some of the best people I know 😎

Had the best weekend away with my favorite woman ever 😍

Hey my name is Morgan and I never get dressed up so I have to selfie when I do

Sometimes you just have to get both the blossoms and the dog in one photo.

Turning every dog I know into a model 😍

Bring on a Summer of adventures and doing cool shit. Hit me up if you want to go exploring, I am sick of being boring and only hanging with my dog 😂

P.S Diego can still come too

There is a lot in this world and life that we cannot control, like when you ask someone for a photo and they do it like this. (Thanks mum, love you). It's hard to learn that you cannot control a lot of things that come your way, but there is a lot you can control. Control how you spend your time, control your outlook on life, control how you respond to things, control how you treat people. I am not perfect, but I want to always strive to be better at controlling what I can. ❤❤

Stay tuned, album this Summer 😎

I have had the best birthday and best week and a half hanging out with these cool cats. I love being surrounded by such positive, interesting and friendly people who actually like their job and want to be where they are. It's such a welcome change.
Can't wait to see what 24 will bring 😍

I miss these absolute psychos. See you soon brother 😘

Is it even possible to look cute and snowboard? 🤔