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SNOOPSLIMES  🐰USA based 🐰worldwide shipping 🐰shop is always in stock 🐰restocks new & limited stock slimes EVERY Friday 8:00pm CST ⇘ SHOP FOR SLIME ⇙

Fairy tales✨ favorite Disney princess? & I made my new shop (again, lol) please give feedbacks down below!! Before everyone asks, yes I'm going to still use etsy but I will put my new website link in bio & doing restocks in my new website:)

Bloop bloop the famous bloop is back:) this is officially his 6th time being melted lololol comment what I should put in him next:) also I'm posting twice today yeeet @bloopmaximilianowiggles_worth (I still regret that I put GREEN daiso clay in him)

Who's seeing the solar eclipse today? (first 45 seconds with lighting, last 15 seconds w/o)So I tried to use glow in the dark powder in slime.. kinda worked://, made the slime hard afterwards.. bloop is coming after this post

Shooting stars💫🌠 similar texture to my fairy cloud! will be in my restock this week! It won't come mixed so you can mix it your self :) If you were given a chance to go to mars, would you?

Names? I got these cute charms as extras & they are so cute!
Little Q&A
Are you a girl? Yes
Why do you always have items on your shop? I have items I sell continuously & new and limited slimes I restock on Friday:)
You barely post any white glue slimes;;(
I personally like clear glue based slimes better & people are more familiar w/ me posting clear glue based than white glue! However, I'm trying to post variety of slimes for you guys to enjoy:)
Can I review your slime?
Unless we agree on a trade, I don't give out free slimes.
I have a problem with my order.. what do I do?
Don't dm me, message me on etsy or email me!

Shop is restocked! Link in my bio to purchase 😊

Lemon passion tea🍋 smells so realistic just like the name! This is going to be in my restock today @ 8:00pm central! What is your favorite tea flavor? Ps, go check out my story- I posted videos on some of the slimes I'm restocking today

Slimes I will be restocking FRIDAY at 8:00PM CENTRAL TIME:
6oz- Barbie metallic slime (rose scented)
6oz- blue raspberry slushee (scented just like the name)
6oz- fairy tales clear slime
6oz- flamingo metallic slime
8oz in total- ssfw seasons set
6oz- duck in a pond clear slime
6oz- Hibiscus Metallic Slime (flower scented)
6oz- lemon passion tea slushee (lemon scented, video not posted yet)
6oz- fairy cloud slime (buttercream scented)
6oz- strawbb fluff (strawberry scented)
All slimes from last week's restock are shipped out. The some of the slimes I have shipped on August 8th have been lost during shipping so please message me if you still haven't received yours! (I have slimes I sell permanently & slimes I sell as limited stock- read my bio for more info)
Link is always in my bio❤

Nebula✨ do you guys play any sports or instruments? (Sorry the quality is 👎)

flake mixing! Have you guys ever made slime? If so, how did your first one turn out? I made my first ever slime last summer & I thought the instructions said to put 1 tbs of borax into one cup of water (suppose to be 1tsp of borax) so it turned into a rock lol

Fairy cloud☁️ I love this texture so much! Has a very unique texture & is full of cute glitters! *this slime is more of a doughy texture! I don't recommend this if you have warm hands** how many days do you guys have left before going back to school? (I'll restock this slime on Friday!)

SSFW seasons set: Spring, summer, fall & winter- each slime represents a season! (2oz each) what is your favorite season? Mine is summer! (What's up with my studio lights today.. 🙄)

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