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SNOOPSLIMES  🐰Texas based 🐰worldwide shipping 🐰shop is ALWAYS in stock 🐰restocks new & limited stock slimes EVERY Friday 8:00pm CST ⇘ SHOP FOR SLIME ⇙


Jelly belly duo😋😋 look at that ombré 😍 what is your favorite candy? My favs are gummy bears & crunch:)

Magic kingdom🏰 can you spell "DISNEY" without being distrusted? late night post because I was busy the whole day:(( (ps: I changed my cloud slime recipe all from scratch and it's not greasy or leaves a lot of residue. The last clip isn't edited so you can see)

Candy corn crunch🎃 (no candy corn emoji..? Why..) I had to film a whole new video to post bc the one I previously filmed didn't match my feed haha😂are you guys going trick-or-treating or handing out candies in this year's Halloween? Also if you're going trick-or-treating what/who are you going to be?

Very berry hibiscus🌺 (yes I know the actual drink isn't purple, but I had too many red & pink colored clear slimes..) I got so many packages delivered to me today it legit felt like Christmas😂 frappuccino or tea?

Plum metallic💜 what is your favorite type of slime? sorry I was inactive yesterday! I was super busy:/ & does anyone remember this slime from a while ago?

Fairy tales💖✨comment "clear slime is..." and finish the sentence with predictive words! Btw this slime is packed w/ gold & ROSE GOLD flakes:D

Slimes I will be restocking FRIDAY (today) at 8:00PM CENTRAL TIME:
-candy land cloud slime (bubble gums scented video coming)
-duck In a pond clear slime
-shooting star slime (cotton candy scented)
-fairy cloud slime (buttercream scented)
-blue raspberry slushee (scented just like the name)
-fairy tales clear slime (now with ROSE GOLD FLAKES!!)
-flamingo metallic slime
-sprite slush (sprite scented)
-lemon passion tea slushee (lemon scented)
-Sparkling watermelon metallic slime (watermelon scented)
All slimes from last week's restock are shipped out. ( I have slimes I sell permanently & slimes I sell as limited stock- read my bio for more info)
Link is always in my bio❤ (Snoopslimes.co) If you did not receive your order yet, check your order status!
All sales are final. If you are under the age of 18, please have parents permission before purchasing. I do not make changes to the addresses, so enter it carefully.

Flower blossom🌺 which one came first- the chicken or the egg?? Ahh riverdale s2 is coming out today and I'm so excited!!!

Edit: POSEIDON🌊 Names? Guys, this slime is REALLY. PRETTY. & I just got some new pigments in mail so I'll be experimenting with it to create new metallic slimes!! (Posted this in the morning but it got deleted.. don't know why..)

gumdrop Fishbowl🍬 what kind of stuff should I put in my next giveaway? probably coming for 900k :)) (posted the giveaway winners on my story// all of them answered already!)

Glitter mix✨ your bed is lava. Did you survive? -
Choosing the giveaway winners in few hours!

Duck in a pond🦆 if you had $10000 dollars right now, what would you do? Also I have a four day weekend!! Yey :D

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