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goblin  🌲Very back and forth 🌲


Who knew living by the beach would mean windy weather

Imagine if I had dark green hair w0wzie
I really want green hair lol

All my new pins (except the bottom one) I finally got around to framing them! I'm gonna get poster board and burgundy paper to better stick them on but this is how they'll be for now πŸ‘Ή

IM SO SAD LMFAOO I WANT A NICE DARK PURPLE LIPSTICK THAT DOESNT SMEAR,,, but I also don't wanna spend $20 on a liquid lipstick
I MIGHt just cave in and buy a Kat von d one bc I love her liquid lipsticks but $20 is a lot for makeup:( I saw these mushrooms at college today though! A happy little surprise, they're so cute,, I wish giant mushrooms were still a thing! I'd love to sit on top of one or use one as an umbrella,, but unfortunately this world is instead filled w climate change and racists

I feel like shit mentally today lol I didn't show up to math or bio but fuck dude
I wanna quit my job so bad and dye my hair dark green:( I've wanted dark green hair for 5 years now and I was too scared to do back then but now I feel more confident in doing "out there" things w my appearance ,, I feel so plain lmao
On a more positive note my skin had been doing amazing!! Less is more man
I'm gonna take my makeup off, put a face mask on, & redecorate a lil, hope you guys are having a nice day!!!!

What are some good animes? I want a good new anime,,, my favorites are β€’neon genesis
β€’soul eater
β€’kill la kill
β€’princess jellyfish
β€’hyouka (That I can remember)
((& I don't like fairy tail or attack on titan, as reference ,...devilman crybabay was OKAY))

Hello where can I buy pants that aren't super expensive

My marine biology class went tidepooljng! It was amazing, especially after that full moon last night, we found so many cool things:') the first picture is a tiny snail that got stuck to my partner's finger, the second is an algae covered anemone (it was so vibrant and beautiful), third is a sea slug!!!!!!, fourth is someone's dog chilling in a dog sized tide pool hehehe, and last one is a female shark! My professor cut her open and shower us her big liver and intestines and stomach! It was so cool, I honestly really love marine biology and I love that I'm taking a call on it at a school right next to the oceanπŸ‹πŸ‹πŸ‹ around March/April our class is going whale watching:') I've alwayssss wanted to go whale watching and now I have the opportunity, I am soooo excited

I added glitter to my makeup look today and i really liked it✨ i wanna use glitter more often, I like how it looks when it's subtle bc im magical looking,, but casually
I had two quizzes I had no clue about today and I feel like I got 50% on both bc ya boi didn't know diatom plankton have silica shells, not cellulose shells πŸ˜›

Toffee is getting fat
He used to be the size of my hand and now he takes two arms to hold
I wanna go home but I'm stuck at college until 6 and then I have to wait for the bus and I won't be home until like 7:(

I'm enjoying my marine biology class heheheh we looked at local plankton
Apparently plankton from spongebob is a copepod
Also I got a job promotion >:) $12 an hour bitch!!!!!!!! I'm gonna spoil toffeee man

Bakayaro 🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝🐝Konoyaro!

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