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Billy The Blue Ranger  Producer | Sneaker Enthusiast | R.I.P Dad

Literally had FEAR. on repeat past week "Why GOD why GOD do I gotta suffer. Earth is no more you should burn this motha fucker"

I deadass take that as disrespect.....🙄😠

Swear, LaVar....Deadass remind me of Suge Knight. If you don't get that reference than do your research. LaVar is Suge & his son is Pac. How you not gone let your son workout w/ another team. Let that mf boy workout w/ whoever. Swear if Lonzo don't cross the stage to shake hands & hold the jersey up, LaVar will lol.

" Because if Anthony killed Ducky, Top Dawg could be servin' life
While I grew up without a father and die in a gunfight "

X X X Another Underrated song on this album. U2 definitely did there thing on this song. Smoother than butter hittin a hot skillet. Mike Will once again murdered the beginning of this track. #SongOfTheDay

FEAR. Gotta be one of the underrated songs on this album. #SongOfTheDay

Some of the OGs in my bloodline. Main one in the middle. Pop Dukes! OG Triple OG! It hurts deep inside knowing it's gone be a while before I see that smile again. The other OGs are obviously my brothers lol. Yes the youngest of 7 here lol. I miss you Dad. Wish I could reanimate you lol!

I only wear Poll on special occasions #MothersDayFit


B E F O R E & A F T E R #Longhorn

This was like 2 Weeks ago, 1st time sliding out to that club. Bih we got D U M B L I T lol. Patiently waiting to go back w/ CuHz

" Eyes wellin' up with tears
Thinkin' 'bout my niggas dead in the dirt
Immortalized on this shirt "

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