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i’ve always seen beautiful photos of bali, the luxurious side of the province that tourists get to enjoy. i remember searching up bali on google and all i would see were the gorgeous villas and clean beaches. however, there’s so much more than the perfect scenery that everyone is so willing to share.


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#tb a picture of me getting excited about the canopy bed (and gorgeous room decor) from the villa in bali. take me back for round 2?

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my sister’s wedding felt like one that came out of a movie. the chapel was located on a cliff, veering over the vast blue sea. the chapel walls were decorated with blush pink flowers. the wedding was small, filled with close friends and family. her intricate lace gown framing her tiny body and she looked sooo beautiful. i’m so lucky to have witnessed the union of my sister’s life and my brother-in-law and i wish them the best in their future together.

p.s. first photo: cousin, mom, cousin, 2nd sister, me

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the uluwatu temple is a balinese hindu sea temple that settles right beside the clear, blue ocean. the architectural design of the bridge-like trail can be described as bali’s version of the great wall of china (in a tremendously smaller scale). however, this place was a tad bit odd with the addition of monkeys among the crowd.
it was crazy to see the monkeys in their natural habitat, unbothered and comfortable with human presence without attacking us like wild animals. maybe they were distracted by the abundance of corn they were feasting on or maybe they enjoyed trying to be like us, putting on sunglasses that they stole from other tourists. the funniest part, which i wished i had recorded, was watching them chase my sister because of the flowers on her sandal.

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missing the beautiful beaches, sunsets, and dinners at bali. this province is truly a phenomenal creation and i’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to witness it’s great works

here’s to one of many more photos

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graduation was two days ago and i still haven’t figured out what it is that i’m feeling. is it joy? is it freedom? is it sadness? or is it just every feeling you could possibly feel, jumbled up in a mess. high school has been an experience of trial and error, learning the rights from wrongs, and winning victories, but also with some failures. these past four years have been tough and we’ve all matured (most of us) during our time at tomball memorial. to think about stepping into a new campus in a couple of months is starting to feel a little scary, but i think it’s time. to all the friends, family, teachers, and staff members who made all this possible, thank you for your support and guidance through my journey. i wish you all the best in your future plans and may you all succeed with great happiness. keep smiling and livin’ ❤️

p.s. tell me i’m not the only one who teared up a bit when mr.smith said “once a wildcat, always a wildcat” at graduation

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👯‍♂️we were freezing, but i’m glad they came to support.
“the more i smile, the less i see” fr
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