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“The weekend’s so close I can taste it!” says Copi. Chanel pic.

Gunner action shot! Rachel pic.

We made a video singing to Casey since it’s her bday! ~ Danay from Team Sniff

When you tell Hercules the weekend’s almost over. 🤨 Greg pic.

Oliver is an expert at “slick brick” navigation. Photo by Greg.

Charlie says, “I ... am ... out of here!!!” Happy #weekend! Photo by Rachel.

“I don’t always look this good. But when... Ah, heck. YES I DO!” ~ Mayo. Photo by Paula.

Sweet lady Beatrice! Always cute ‘n cautious. Photo by Greg.

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” Figgy the Havanese. Photo by Rebekah from Team Sniff.

Makes ‘adorable’ look so easy! Photo of Whitney by Rachel from Team Sniff.

Street Life. Casey the Pug. Photo by Rachel.

Wishing you lots of candy-coated “hoppiness” from “The Easter Frenchie!”

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