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No, Cooking Club doesn't always have such a strong "Is someone proposing?" romantic vibe :)...I forgot when I offered to host that while we did move the dining room into the living room, we have not yet moved light fixtures. :) A zillion candles to the rescue. We had breakfast-for-dinner: cinnamon rolls & cheese danishes & ham & leek strata & a totally over-the-top-in-a-really-good-way Elvis parfait: peanut butter pudding, bananas, maple-glazed bacon. OMG. And we talked about the future & the past & the big things & the little things & for the thousandth time in our eight years together, I thanked God for the gift of the table & for these women who've shaped me & challenged me & made my life brighter & braver in so, so many ways. ❤🍴🍳

Fresh cuts. 💈✂️
Alternate title: my whole ❤.
Alternate title: mini-Shauna on the left, mini-Aaron on the right. :)

H O M E.
A busy travel month is in the books, & I'm so very very grateful--grateful to be home, but also grateful for meaningful conversations with wonderful people from Austin to Nashville to Dallas to Blackberry Farm to San Diego.
One of the best parts of traveling is getting glimpses of all the ways good people are doing important work to make the world better.
This month I've had a front row seat, witnessing a lot of brave world-changers. Profoundly thankful. ❤

LOVED spending the day with students at this beautiful university, loved spending time with friends who inspire me in so many ways. (Rinks & Goffs: you're the best. ❤)

Landed late in San Diego. Woke up to this view outside my window, & my heart is busting open with joy & gratitude. I could sit & watch the boats for hours. I love the salty briny air, the squawk of seagulls, watching people provision & putter & then finally throw off the lines for their next adventures. Sailors are rowdy, brave, exuberant lovers of life & of adventure, & I'll always feel happy & inspired when I'm around them, even if I'm just watching at it all from a hotel balcony with my coffee for a few minutes. ⚓⛵️❤

Home=home cooking.
Balsamic brussels in cast iron.

Morning magna-tiles. ❤
What you can't hear: Aaron playing Dear Theodosia on the piano & all three boys singing along.
Sometimes I take pictures of these little moments so I can look at them when I'm away, missing them.
Just a couple more trips in this very full season, & I'll carry these little hands & voices & spirits with me every mile & every hour.

'Magical' is not too strong a word.
So very, very grateful.

From the top of Walker Trail.

Morning at Blackberry Farm. ❤

The Boathouse on Old Walland Pond. This special place inspires me to no end.

One of my all-time favorite places with my all-time favorite person. So so happy & grateful. ❤