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Sneha’s Care 

How do you feel if you have a cut in your mouth? Pain? Anguish? And what would you do if people get scared seeing your wound? And what if they start beating you just because you look scary?
You could walk to a clinic and treat it right?
Ever thought of dogs? What would they do? They obviously can't talk or go to the vet by themselves. Can they?
This is Leo. He wasn't so lucky because he isn't a human. He had big would in his mouth and people got scared of him. He became aggressive as people came near to him. He was just trying to protect himself. But the humans thought different and attacked it. They thought it was best to put him down. But not Sudesh Gurung. He saw how badly Leo was hurt and knew exactly what to do. He called us and we brought Leo to our shelter. He has been given proper medicine and our doctors and volunteers are trying slowly to gain his trust and make him less aggressive.

Cows are abandoned in our country and they are worshipped as well one day in a year and again they are called the national animal of Nepal. Don’t we feel shame to abandon these innocent animals and leave them to die on the street? If we do not feel ashamed why not the government declare that Cow is no more a national animal of our country?
We got a rescue call this afternoon for this cow. She was maggots wounded and we cleaned her wound and gave her some medicine to relief her pain. We found out that the cow had a tag of NLG insurance company but when we called them up, they said they do not have any information about the owner of this cow. It is heartbreaking to see such a cruel people and whoever are involved in this should be punished.
Help us help end the cruelty and help us help more animals.
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This female pregnant goat was covered by all other goats when we found her in the trunk of a bus. Once we took all the goats out from the trunk, we saw one of the goat was pregnant. Why does people do this? Is money everything? When will we become a civilize person? We human did not even gave chances to that female goat to give birth to her babies and was transported for the meat.
I took the goat to my shelter and she is living now with other 3 rescued goat.
Please raise your voice for these voiceless and Stop Live Animal Transportation for business purpose or for meat.
Please SHARE, so consumers need to think twice before eating them.

It has been more than 20 years, the “Animal Transportation Standards” has been introduced in our country. But till then, it has not been implemented and the cruelty has not been stopped or minimized. We and our society are Dumb, deaf but we have turned to blind already. None dared to raise their voice for these voiceless. We cry a lot and it hurts a lot if we are in pain, but why we close our eyes when we see these animals being bitten, being tied with ropes on their nose and tails, being transported live for more than 22 to 24 hours? I will fight until my death to end this cruelty. Come, lets raise our voice for this voiceless and end this cruelty and don’t just love animals via your Facebook wall. Let’s come in action and it will end one day for sure. Let all animal lovers be together and make a vast difference in this society.

It is so great to be awarded as “Excellent Organization of the year 2018” by the government of Nepal. We will keep doing the work for the animal welfare. Thank you so much for trusting us and our work.
World Animal Day was celebrated well and it was great to see so many Animal activist, government officers, State minister and Ex-Government Officers as well.
Thank you again for the award on this big day.

Rabies is a virus that is damaging to the central nervous system. It causes disease of the brain and leads to death if the person or pet has not been currently vaccinated against it. Foaming at the mouth or hyper-salivation is perhaps the most well-known symptom but others include: insomnia, anxiety, confusion, slight or partial paralysis, excitation, hallucinations, agitation, difficulty swallowing and hydrophobia (fear of water). Transmission of rabies occurs through the saliva of an infected animal usually in the form of biting or licking.
We were able to vaccinate 50 dogs in Khokhana, Lalitpur Metropolitan City, this evening. The community helped us to catch the dogs.
Help us help eliminate Rabies.

Like every Saturday our regular Cow feeding at the street is ongoing. Calves are left in the street because they are of mo use to their owners. Help these calves by stop drinking milk or any dairy products. The day you stop dairy products, they will be no more seen at the street.
Help us help more animals.

She is old enough to bear the pain. She was hit by a sharp object by some human and was left bleeding. We rescued her from Nakhuu after being informed by Pratikshya Basnet and she is now at our shelter under treatment. She is recovering well.
Help us help more animals in need.

How do you feel when something is hanging on your body and you are dragging. It would be extra weight on yourself and would visit doctor to remove it to ease yourself, but what about this dog in the photo who has been in this situation from Years? There are only few to take care of the dogs who has no home.
He was brought to the shelter few months back for the treatment. We thought a lot and decided to amputee his leg where the tumor removal was not possible. Now he can run easily on his three legs 🙂
We need your help in helping more animals like him. Please support our work.

Looks like the wound in his body is since few months already. We got informed about this dog from Chobar and rescued him for the further treatment. Despite of having financial crisis going on at Sneha’s Care, we could not stop ourself rescuing him.
We need your help to help the needy animals. It is only possible if you start helping us.
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What else can be the best way to end the month of July? Well, we the family of Sneha's care can't be more than happy to extend our family. Oscar, the tiniest member got adopted. He will no longer be called a stray animal, he will have a better family and loved unconditionally. We would like to thank Dil Kumar and his family for adding a member to their lovely family. We appreciate his love which he showed by adopting him and not buying any expensive breed.
Don't shop, Adopt

What can the best way to start the day? We have good news to make your day start at its best. Do you remember Belly? Yes, we all do right. The same case that left us heavy heart and the wound forced us to blame a human cruel act. And now we are happy to announce that she has recovered and is once again a happy dog. She loves her new friends and also Belly loves belly rubbing. You can also adopt her as we all know these dogs need us more than any breed of dogs at a shop. If you are willing to hear more recovered stories donate today at

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