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Taylor ❥  hey, I'm Kelsey. Taylor Swift is my sunshine ❥ You're beautiful.

IT'S BEEN EXACTLY A YEAR SINCE I MET MY FAVORITE PERSON ❤️ I still can't believe that this actually happened sometimes, it's crazy. I'm so so grateful to have been chosen for Loft 89. I miss you dearly @taylorswift ❤️❤️❤️

Good morning!! ❤️

MY COPY OF THE BOOK FINALLY CAME!!!! I'M SO EXCITED! I'm so glad I was able to contribute to this beautiful, beautiful book. you can preorder now, the book is out October 24!!!

hi guys! How are you?

I'm still so in love with this look 😍😍


good morning!! how are you guys?

it's pajama day at school today, and I'm so comfortable rn 😂 have a great day guys!! p.s. I love you @taylorswift ❤️

I miss this night so much 😭 it's almost been a year I miss these memories that were made from the tour, especially my show, and Loft 89! I wish I could relive it all over again!! I love and miss you @taylorswift ❤️❤️ #taylorswift #taylurking

This look is gorgeous 😍😍😍

SLAYYYY QUEEN!! @taylorswift

Hi Taylor!! My name is Kelsey (we met in Loft 89 last October!) and I thought I'd drop you a quick note and let you know that I'm so excited for the next album because you have changed my life since 2007! You are amazing and have been my role model ever since then! I'm so happy that you've been part of my life for such a long time and I know you will continue to be one of my favorite people for my entire life. Love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ @taylorswift #taylorswift #taylurking

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