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A gorgeous way to complete a rotation 🌅
The Coast Guard have been busy all day on West Bay. Can anyone offer reassurance that no one is missing in those cold waters?

Here’s another night sky shot a day late for International Dark Sky Week. Once the snow melts I’ll be putting together some more night sky workshops. I keep the groups very small (max 3 people per night), and if we go out to shoot, it’ll be late (night skies don’t happen early these days). If you think you’re interested, keep your eye open for details!

Sigh. It’s good to be able to do this without all the layers.

The sun warmed the beach in Glen Haven to a balmy 45 degrees today. I walked a few miles with naked arms today, and I think my cheeks are a tiny bit sunburnt. If you pretend that tree has leaves and isn’t surrounded by snow, it basically passes for summer out there!

Stars Rain on Port Oneida
Happy International Dark Sky Week. A dark night is a natural resource that is dwindling for much of the world - which a growing body of research suggests is bad for humans in addition then obvious harm it causes for nocturnal creatures. Turn of those lights at night if you can, and if not, at least shield them or angle them downward.

If the forecast holds, the weather is going to make quick work of this snow. The dune trail, with great views of the Glen Lakes and Lake Michigan, will be on my hiking list soon!

Last September we visited a few parks in Alberta, Canada, over 10 days or so. It was 90F and forest-fire-smoky on our arrival, and absolutely dumping snow on our departure. We arrived to gorgeous walking weather in Traverse City, so despite being travel weary, we walked to the Open Space for sunset. It was only upon reaching in my pack for camera that I realized I had left one of my lenses under the front seat of the rental car. I sighed: it wasn’t one of my two faves, so at least there was that. Writing it off as gone, I grabbed my trusty 24-70 and hit the dirt. I was treated to a wonderful welcome home sunset, and managed to track down my lens...which the rental company shipped to be free of charge. Thus I like to think of this sunset as Rays I’d Hope. 🧡

I present to you “Not Snow”
It’s a lovely specimen of brain coral and some sea fans, photographed a month ago in Key Largo.

Summer days drifting away into summer nights 💙 I had been planning this shot mentally for a while, waiting for a warm night to put the Milky Way overhead, with just a bit of moon to light the barn. It finally worked out in September last year. It only took fourthwinter to entice me to edit this one 😉

Just a peek of the white beauty that will be blanketing the woods soon...right?

Moody skies on the beach yesterday ahead of Mother Nature’s tantrum this weekend. Last one, right?

The textures that form around pebbles when lapping waves recede is one of my favorite beach finds. What’s your favorite thing to see at the beach?

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