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Snap Agency  Minneapolis Digital Marketing Agency We build websites, play with dogs, spray paint things gold, strategize SEM + SEO + SM & work with influencers.

Here's another edition of #SnapTeamTuesdays! First, Tyler's lie last week was... NUMBER TWO! Now this week, meet Clayton, our amazing Marketing Director.
Try to guess which of the following statements are his Two Truths and One Lie:
1️⃣ Household has 8 pets
2️⃣ Can say hello in 8 languages
3️⃣ Listens to hypnosis videos on YouTube
Comment below to guess!

Here's another edition of #SnapTeamTuesdays! This is Tyler, one of our talented SEO Strategists. Try to guess which of the following statements are his Two Truths and One Lie:
1️⃣ Got a tattoo in Ireland
2️⃣ Played middle linebacker in high school
3️⃣ Has flown through the air on a zip line a mile long
Comment below to guess!

In case you were still wondering about last week's challenge for #SnapTeamTuesdays, Amy's lie was about going to Polaris snowmobile racing camp in middle school. Enjoy these pics of Amy and her first baby blanket, and teaching surf camp at Nicaragua!

Last week, we asked you to guess what Jill's Two Truths and One Lie were. We're happy to tell you that Jill the adventurer has driven a gondola in Venice, scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef, and did not party with Vanilla Ice.

We're celebrating Easter early with a weekday brunch. Not pictured: 3 pounds of bacon. | 📸: @vande613

Time for another installment of #SnapTeamTuesdays! This is Amy, a brilliant and very cool Paid Media Strategist. Try to guess in the comments which of the following statements are her Two Truths and One Lie:
1️⃣ Still sleeps with her first baby blanket
2️⃣ Taught surf camp in Nicaragua
3️⃣ Went to Polaris snowmobile racing camp in middle school

Welcome to another installment of #SnapTeamTuesdays! First, the answer to last week's post: Damian's lie was number 3... he is NOT good at driving stick. (Ask him how he found out 😉)
This week, say #hello to Jill, our talented Social Media Strategist. Can you figure out her two truths and one lie?
1️⃣ Scuba dived in the Great Barrier Reef
2️⃣ Partied with Vanilla Ice
3️⃣ Rowed a gondola in Venice
Comment below with your best guess!

Not a seasoned SEO veteran? No problem! We're answering some of the most common questions about Google Analytics. Check out the link in bio for all the info.

Miss Penny is dressed for success. ✨

Today we're rolling out a new series: #SnapTeamTuesdays, where we showcase the smiling faces of Snappers, along with 2 truths and 1 lie about them. Can you guess UX/UI Designer Damian’s?
1️⃣ He has a three foot tall trophy from winning a foam sword fighting contest at an anime convention
2️⃣ 2006’s Time Person of the Year
3️⃣ Great at driving stick

Every day is #nationalpuppyday at Snap. Sending extra love to all Snappy puppies!

Who wore it best: hooded maroon long sleeves edition. Vote for Konnor on the left with 👽 and vote for Tyler on the right with 👾. Comment now!

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