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It’s time to reveal Morgan A.’s Two Truths and One Lie!

Morgan HAS scuba dived a shipwreck and DID participate in live fruit ninja in China.

So, for those of you that guessed her lie was #3, that she blacked out while skydiving, you were correct!

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It seems like every other day one random thing or another is going viral.

But is creating viral content really a viable marketing strategy? Is going viral even something you can control?

Is it really something you should even worry about?

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#SnapTeamTuesday is here!
As promised, we get to learn more about Morgan A. – one of our uber-organized and fun account managers.
Check out her Two Truths and One Lie (they're pretty good!) and tell us... which do YOU think is the lie??
1. Participated in live fruit ninja in China
2. Scuba dived a shipwreck
3. Blacked out while skydiving

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Did you guess Konnor's lie correctly in the last segment of #SnapTeamTuesday?

It was... he does not collect and paint miniature soldiers!

Stay tuned for this week's #SnapTeamTuesday tomorrow. We'll be getting to know more about one of our awesome account managers, Morgan Auer!

It's Tuesday and you know what that means... it's #SnapTeamTuesday!

This week, meet Konnor – one of our awesome content writers by checking out his Two Truths and One Lie and commenting which one you think is his lie!

1. He has trypophobia

2. He collects and paints miniature soldiers

3. He almost had his finger cut off in a mock sword fight

Thank you to all our Moms - Dog Moms, Human Moms, Office Moms and Personal Hygiene Moms - for all you do! We hope you have an extra special and relaxing day doing whatever it is you love most.
How are you celebrating the Mom in your life today?

Abby's lie was... #2! She did not attend Francis Ford Coppola's winery, but she DOES have a handwritten note from him inviting her and her family! #SnapTeamTuesdays

Needed more #SnapTeamTuesdays? Meet our Director of SEO Abby! Comment with your guess for her Two Truths and One Lie (and wish her a happy birthday today!)
1️⃣ Met Ricky Rubio at a nail salon while both getting pedicures
2️⃣ Attended Francis Ford Coppola’s winery at his invitation with a hand-written note stating she could get in as a 17 year-old
3️⃣ Failed her first road test as a result of not being able to tell right and left apart

Need some #TeamMemberTuesdays answers? Josh was JOSHIN' you about fact number two! He is in fact left-handed and did manage a well-graffitied 28-room hip-hop music studio. His oldest pair of pants is actually a pair of Lucky Brand Jeans from 2004.

It's an exciting week here at Snap...
Project manager @sumiafury is vacationing in Mexico and said yes to being the future Mrs. Kelm! 💍
Social media guru @morganmolitor welcomed her second baby boy into the world – how cute is Beckam?! 👶
And the rest of the team is celebrating it all with @Starbucks' pink drinks in the office! 🍓

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