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Snakesweaters Los Angeles

An unlikely pair (golden gate park)

Prune circus


Another o'douls

Goddess bunny wedding mondo video parking lot. I took this photo after the first toast.

I was a regular at club Sinamatic. Ron Athey and this guy were always there.

My photo of Paul v announcing glue. This was a night at dragstrip 66

I got to help Bob Flanagan and Sheree Rose with Bob's show at the New Museum in New York. Bob and Sheree spent a week doing this for 8 hours in the gallery every day. I'm so grateful for the kindness and lessons that they passed onto me. I miss you Bob.

I took this photo of Susan Tyrell hosting a show at Rudolpho's. She was Herve Villaichez's ex, the queen of the forbidden zone and an excellent painter that died way too soon

I was an extra for an Herbal ecstasy commercial but this is not me

#perversion @ 836 n. highland

More photos I took at the Goddess bunny wedding

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