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It's been a damn fine day, so I'm going to finish it up with a piece of cherry pie that's worth the stop (courtesy of @pupwilson), and some good, hot, black coffee while I binge season 2 of Twin Peaks. #DamnFineCoffee #CherryPie #TwinPeaks #AgentDaleCooperIsMyCoPilot #WhatKindOfFantasticTreesYouGotGrowingAroundHere

First time having #pho. My life has officially been altered for the better.

Rest in peace Blue. You were such a wonderful kitty, you always loved me no matter what I was going through. I'm going to eternally miss all your head boops and beard nuzzles. You were the best dude, and I hate that you're gone. I'm honored that you spent your last moments curled up next to me.


Absurdly adorable.

Heard this wee baby crying a couple mornings ago from the heavily forested section of the front lawn, figured maybe a mamasan cat had decided to have a litter over there or something. Well, unfortunately, this morning she was mewing intensely, and had wandered out into the middle of the lawn all by it's lonesome. So she received a nice tall box, warm towel, and some water that she has zero interest in at all, other than dragging her tail through. Called around until a very kind rescue shelter was found that said they would send someone out to pick her up as soon as they can, take her to a vet and see if she can be taken care of until she can be adopted. It bums me out to no end that we can't just keep the wee baby ourselves, but with 2 cats and 2 rambunctious dogs already, and currently no extra funds to afford the necessary vet visits and whatever else we would need to give her the proper care, it's just not possible right now. Also, if it's not obvious already, I definitely would have ended up calling her Sheamus, and she deserves better than that. #Kitten #Rescue #Tampa #NotAllWhoWanderAreLost #ButThisOneDefinitelyFuckingIs

So good. Like the best undiscovered Hardy Boys book ever. #AmericanGods #NeilGaiman #Books #DesignNerd

Obviously I had to, that cover is just too goddamn swanky. I have a copy of American Gods in this style coming as well. Pretty excited to read this since I loved #AmericanGods so much. #NeilGaiman #Books #DesignNerd

@frankcarter23 @andtherattlesnakes
ANNIHILATED. Thank you. Come back soon.

Fuck. Yes. Finally saw #FrankCarterAndTheRattlesnakes and they did not fail to impress.

Adventures in Creepsville, Scientology edition. #PissingClear #FuckingSketchyWeirdos

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