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Brian Barczyk  Traveling the world for animal adventures and daily vlogging it all! Info@bhbreptiles.com ▶️go Watch!


Karma the #pantherchameleon sizing up a Hornworm. They are his favorite treat although we don’t over offer them. We vary his diet with all kinds of bugs and always dust them with vitamins. #chamleon #chameleons #lizard #reptile

About to bring these guys out of brumation and start the colubrid breeding season. Should be a fun one this year! #reptiles #snake #snakes #mexicanblackkingsnake #babysnakes

My little Centralian Blue Tongue Skink. His name is Potato and he’s such a character. Certainly my most friendly Skink. #lizards #skink #skinks #bluetongueskink #reptiles #reptile #animals #pets

Got a little swim in today is this guys pond. He’s all bark and no bite. Bowser is a 27 year old plus Alligator Snapping turtle that was saved from a meat market over 20 years ago. He’s been feeding and enjoying his pond here at @bhb.reptiles #turtle #turtles #snappingturtle #coolpets

Love the head of this Sunkist Diffused #cornsnake such a cool #snake

Bella is my baby! We will have new merch with Bella on it next week!! #rhinoiguana #iguana #reptiles #reptile #lizard #lizards #pet #pets

A Pastel Pied #ballpython that looks amazing today. #snake #snakes #pied #reptiles #animals #reptilesofinstagram

Jessica taking a little quality time with Bella today. Follow @hooksnthings for more of her lizard mastery here at @bhb.reptiles

So excited to finally get into a few Gargoyle Geckos! You can see the Vlog link in my BIO!! #gecko #geckos #reptiles #lizards #gargoylegecko #animals #vlogger #vlog

There’s so many great reptile accounts out there and i used to love sharing them with everyone. I got away from it because some would accuse me of stealing their photos when i always credited them and tried to help their growth. Regardless i hope i can share more from time to time. Today’s it’s a super awesome account @greentreepythons this actual photo is @jalu37 and is amazing. @greentreepythons is certainly an account i love to follow and if you have any interest in these amazing #snakes i think you’ll enjoy it as well! #greentreepython #snake #reptiles #reptile #treepython #animals

Lots of self reflecting lately. I think sometimes people think I’m so self confident. I’ve charged life with a passion and that nothing can bother me. Maybe that people’s opinions don’t matter to me. But the truth is anyone that knows me understands how much i care for people as well as animals. This past week has been hard on a few levels. First losing Artemis and dealing with the overwhelming sadness of her not being in our lives and secondly trying to reflect on the directions i personally need to take in life both professionally and as a person. I’ve seen some major things i can do better on and I’m trying to achieve those things. In honesty it’s been hard to keep the energy i normally have with the emotional stress of the last week. But I’m working on being the person that i want to be and doing the things that make me happy. My passion for reaching people with the message of love of animals is what has driven me for years and will continue driving my future. Hang in there with me as i get my feet back underneath me. The future will be awesome and we will continue to show the world how to love all wildlife and in particular reptiles. I love the support you’ve all have shown my family and i. Each of you mean the world to me and all i ever want to do is make you proud! Have a wonderful day and please be kind to someone today!!

I love this #snake it’s an Albino Black Pastel #ballpython and i can’t wait to breed it in a year or so! #snakes #reptiles #ballpythons #animals

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