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Aidyn  Bigender| prefer MALE pronouns Nightmare Factory & Snailogy on Webtoon Tablets: Wacom cintiq 13HD & 27HD, ipad Pro. Program: Photoshop, Clip studio.


Feel free to tag @Snailords & #SnailordsShirt so I'll see you.

Cuz I'm a creep and creeps like creeping.

Dance choreography composed by @jekodancer
Song: One too many.


When your SO calls you controlling.

Lol @camazingggg

I legit forgot I made this awhile back. I don't think I need an amnesia inducing pistol with the memory I already (dont) have...
Link to Snailogy webtoon in highlighted story.

When you crush on no one so you just draw yourself with your other self.

#Valentinesday #Snailogy #Linewebtoon #comics #throwback

Tired of drawing so I take a break from drawing by drawing.
Makes sense.

Zelan, maybe. Right hair color but wrong hair style.
Lol if my OCs dont appear in the same comic...I am mildly lazy making them very different looking.
#anime #boy #Zelan

I'm tired.

20 panels. Who wants to be Snailords and draw Nightmare Factory this week?

I took too many hiatuses already. This is my job. I dont want to get put on a 3 month pause. It affects the growth/popularity of the comic.

My next hiatus is in April-May. So 2 months to go until my hiatus.
But boy, do I wanna lay on warm sand and drown at some beach.

I will be streaming Nightmare Factory webtoon drawing sessions more frequently on twitch in the near future.
Which one do you prefer? Twitch or Picarto?
Link to my twitch in highlighted stories in my bio.
Panel colored by @rav_rieck

New page tonight! (Link will also be avail in highlighted stories)

#twitch #nightmareFactorywebtoon #babyCrayon #BabySquish #manga #art #drawing #LineWebtoon

In case you missed the info again:

No matter when you placed your tshirt order during my Jan month of pre-order...You are not getting a shirt until late March to early April.

Your shirts just arrived at my house 6 days ago. Packaging will take me 3-4 weeks.
Plus delivery time 1 week US, 2-4 weeks outside of US.

I would gladly refund if you missed my countless warnings about how long it will take and expected your shirts yesterday. Your shirts will be bought by someone else. Lol.
#tshirt update

Nightmare Factory & Snailogy characters drawn by @rav_rieck. (Go follow him)
Wow, so much details...like Ive never drawn a group photo like this.

Lol I think I can retire from both drawing and coloring now and let Rav do the rest.

I'll just elope to some deep mountains.

#nightmareFactorywebtoon #Kreyul #Emai #Domina #Aidan #Snailogy #Phirre #Kidus #fanart #Ravrieck #lineart #Kissae #anglers

Lololololololol so extra. I love it.
Im dying. How did you get friends to hold the posters too?? Lmfao.
#Kreyul #letKreyulbewhatheis2k018

Salt bae? Nah, flower bae.
Sprinkling roses on the grave of my romance.

Valentine's day february postcard for patreon rewards.
Patreon.com/snailords (link in bio & highlighted story)
Kidus is the easiest for me to draw.

#kidus #elai #valentinesday #Feb #patreon #reward #nightmareFactorywebtoon #Linewebtoon #anime #art #roses

Lol things I choose to blow my hand functionality on.

#humansexuality #asexual #aromantic but under any other names/labels from now on. This is why I rarely use "bigender" throughout snailogy and make my own "Snail, two souls" definitions. -_- because if you don't strictly adhere to certain definition under a label, people flip shiet or get very confused & nitpick.

Ok, just because a person is gay and a murderer, doesn't mean every gay person is a murderer. Just because 1 asexual person who identifies as such mentions exclusively for them, it is a choice, doesn't automatically mean they represent the rest of the asexuals who are innately that way.
I dont know why this makes me so mad. Lol

#kreyul #nightmareFactorywebtoon

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