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Aidyn  Bigender| prefer MALE pronouns Nightmare Factory & Snailogy on Webtoon Tablets: Wacom cintiq 13HD & 27HD, ipad Pro. Program: Photoshop, Clip studio.

Meh. Nevermind. It's fine.

Zelan is cute.
Probably the only soft boii I have in my gallery. (Except Kidus but Kidus isnt exactly purely soft lol)

I like Verose design better than Zelan. -glitches.
Crap...Zelan about to be side bae...cuz lesbihonest...Gotta redesign Zelan or something. (Verose is a girl. Yes, she likes girls.) Neck tattoo says: Be yourself; everybody else is already taken.

Mr.Purrfect (the cat) has seen some shiet.

"Please smack your head against the screen. Do you not do this common sense thing that people do?" Character: Verose. Confirmed. :D will be in F*cking Romance. (It's a "she")

I am shy! Lol.
That was cool though (if it really was Kreyul.) Not every day you accidentally walk in on someone reading your webtoon.

More Zelan from F*cking Romance.


F*cking Romance.

Gimme an artist while you're at it.

Built an art shrine from AX. Extra? Not even once. 😂
I need more postcards from webtoon artists.
Wanna mail me yours? (Smaller things like 5 x 7 ish sizes work better)
6920B Bradlick Shopping center #158,
Annandale, VA 22003

Answers to frequently asked questions and tools helping you to color/create a page faster.
1. Page size.
2. How to get clean linearts?
3. Panel tool.
4. Paint bucket tool.
5. Vector layer and eraser.
6. Clipping masks & locking transparent layer.
7. How to quickly color an entire page.
8. Background and Perspective tools.

I never actually count :) just write a random number on the title.
Video up on YouTube. Link in highlighted story called "Tutorials"
Or avail on my patreon.

Or link in bio for 24 hours.

Thanks to @Kennycomics for 2 of the tips provided.
#tutorials #webtoon #clipPaint #howTo

I got a blank page baby~ and no, it doesn't even let me write your name.
#artistproblems #FuMEUpFam

Things I doodle on the blank page I'm stuck on.

Technically the opposite of focusing...

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