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Matt  PDX You stay angry, I'll do nothing at all

Very smol cowboy, very young Matt #tbt

Coolin' out with my guy

Happy birthday to one of the realest motherfuckers I know. Been side by side with you for years. Here's to 42 more, when we'll be sitting on a porch, smoking pipes, and talking shit about the youngsters. Love you, dude. #gahandled #whitechocolate #lifers

Fuckin' couch potatoes.

Throwback to hanging tuff with my unstoppable party partner @pdx_lvh . In case you were wondering, the secret to our peerless physical fitness is pouring shots of cut-rate bourbon into glasses of rosé, drinking that shit, then doing curls with 2.5lb dumbbells at 4am. #tbt

Holy shit, Nikki! You're 40! Here's to you, one of my best and truest friends. There aren't many pictures of us, because I'm a fucking weirdo, so I added some I know you like. Happy birthday, you amazing, intelligent, talented, beautiful woman! Love you forever.

My dudes.

Blues Brothers

Hi, Riggs #nationalpuppyday

I have no memory of this #tbt

Birthday success. I can not feel my face. Send Pedialyte.

Meet Riggs. Phase 2 of my plan to adopt all of the Pit Bulls.

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