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Buck Wild  Snacking the path less ordinary since 2016. #gobuckwild

Our Buck Wild bags have taken to giving themselves a quick moment of reflection before hitting the shelves.

There should be adult yearbooks.

Modern businesspeople understand what's important.

Friends. Please Caption this.

The Buck Wild Shelfie contest ends in just a few days! You could win a $500 Walmart Gift Card!

Take a selfie with Buck Wild, post to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BWshelfie, and you're entered.
Contest ends on March 31, so hurry up!

Yes, you heard us right. #EatTheWorld

Sometimes, we like to go incognito.

What do you think will be the sport of the future?

There's nothing worse than accidentally dropping your Buck Wild into a black hole.

Here's our advice: feel like dancing with the flamingos? Dance with the dang flamingos.

You have less than two weeks left to enter our Buck Wild Shelfie contest for a chance to win a $500 Walmart Gift Card!
Step 1: Take a photo of yourself next to Buck Wild in a store.

Step 2: Post the photo on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #BWshelfie.
That's it! Do that and you're entered!

We call on humans and primates both to forget their differences and end the ape wars before they get out of hand.

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