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COOPER ANDREWS  I love Cheerios. There, I said it.

First day of @walkrstalkrcon and I already get in to a staring contest.

#SheWon #WSCBoston

Red Eye flight face! Boston in the morning WOOT!

#WSCBoston #ThisWillBeANetflixFlight

Headed to Boston this weekend!
@batmankm this is amazing the only UNrealistic thing I see here is that I'm playing basketball... I can not stress how terrible I am at basketball, actually, I can. I'm pretty terrible. What WON'T be terrible is this weekend @walkrstalkrcon

Thank you @rossmarquand for capturing the seriousness of my dance moves.
#TornadoDance #WSCTulsa #warmingUPforBOSTON

I remember this day mainly because of how good this sandwich was. Thanks for the food memory @kharypayton
It's breakfast sandwich day in the kingdom! Eat up, croque monsieurs & madames!!!

The look of disappointment in @bubblebini 's face was too difficult to show... California sweet tea is a lot different than Georgia sweet tea.

#wcw #ABINvisits #whereDOyouFINDsugarHERE

We some how assembled this pose immediately! @kharypayton what do you think, new Junior Knight's Archery Division?

#ThinkFast #WSCTulsa @walkrstalkrcon #YesIshotAphotoOfAphoto

Took a self-guided mini tour of Tulsa with @pollyannamcintosh and @j_terzieff and we decided to walk in the middle of the street cause they were completely devoid of cars. It was kind of awesome 😃😃😃😃 #SuperSaturdayStreetStroll

I finally got to meet the amazingly talented @heysydneypark and she was so very kind to stay behind and let me have her boat.

Thanks #WSCTulsa for showing me a great time! And we'll see you in Boston @walkrstalkrcon !!! Psst, @Disney -- hey, how's it going? :)

People just show me their licenses when I sit... #IDplease



About to rip up the dance floor with the lovely @orignauxmoose at what I think was my Junior Prom. I was an obsessive Superman fan so I HAD to Clark Kent the glasses and spit curl... Fast forward 16 years later and Lois Lane calls me handsome!!! #tbt

I am SO ready for the weekend!!! #WSCTulsa

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