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COOPER ANDREWS  I love Cheerios. There, I said it.

#TBT to last day of filming! Nice and easy....

Kingdom Knights class photo 2018.

#TheKingdom #TheWalkingDead

#THEWALKINGDEAD FINALE IS a few meals away! DANCE PARTY!!! #TrafficSelfie from tonight's episode with a "What the hell are you doing?!?!"ed @kharypayton

You said it man. It's the moments in between. Also, thank you for not letting Gary shoot me.

I totally got to sit at the cool kids table with @pollyannamcintosh
@bubblebini and @ogg_steven

OH! That super sweet TEE SHIRT that Pollyanna is wearing is available to buy for ONE more day! The link is on her and my bio!

I'm getting myself some of her sweaters and when I get them Imma cutting the sleeves off AND the collar THEN I will live out my dreams of being a ballet dancer (said like Turkish).

Happy Birthday @bubblebini !!!!!!

The snow was blowing sideways... SIDEWAYS!


OH MY GOD I got to watch #SuperTroopers2 last night!!! And the guys @brokenlizard NAIL IT.
I haven't laugh-cried during a movie in a loooooong time. I mean, it always blows my mind when a sequel (not a pre planned saga) can live up to and, in this case, dare I say, surpass its predecessor?! It comes out on 4/20! So go enjoy the hell out of it!
@stolhanske dude, such an awesome night! ・・・
Me and my buddy Cooper in Toronto 🇨🇦 we just watched Super Troopers 2. I think it’s a good sign that he’s still laughing. Go see him in the upcoming movie “Shazam”.

Missing @kody_the_chody right now. He asked what Toronto is like and I told him that it's like an open fridge.


When I was a boom operator, I figured the only way I could get a DP to stop yelling at me for being in the shot was if I switched to acting... it didn't work.


Doing vocal warm ups with Madmacs.


We came to conquer, so we did.


Sometimes you just have to give the People's Eyebrow to whatever's coming your way.


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