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Serigne 💻 Baby Genius⚽️SmS  From Sénégal to NOLA to Lafayette Dillard University Alumn'16! Armez vous de science jusqu'aux dents et allez arracher... #CAD Snapchat: sms_teranga

Haven't posted here in a while, so I decided to bless y'all with a picture of sexy serere 😎😎

In honor of May 7th 2016!!! One year today #blessed #DU16

Lmao who wore it best??? Karaba or Beyoncé?? I had to do it lmao
#boyonce #grammys

One last time... Happy birthday lil brother!!!

They know what's up!!' Lol
When God keeps blessing you 🙏🏿🙏🏿
#AnotherYear #alhamdulillah

When you realize you did the #dubchallenge in 2013! So you just repost it

Serious question: Do I look like @paulpogba ??? These white folks keep calling me Pogba, and I look like him!!! I think they call me Pogba just because I'm black, tall, and I play center mid. But hey, he's the most expensive player in the world! ⚽️⚽️⚽️
Can't wait for next season. S/O to Mighty Duck
#TeamMightyDucks #Soccer #TheRealFootball #LysaSoccer #Pogba #PaulPogba

Just because I haven't posted in a while and I'm bored!!! Hey IG

When God keeps blessing you, bless yourself too. Lol
I thought this was a bomb a$$ selfie lol
#kdubonheur #SmS #MakingMoves #Lafayette

#Repost @phrozen_photography, thank you big Bro
@sms_teranga you have come a long time way from the quiet skinny kid that I meet in the chapel! Being an off campus student and an international student you could have focused on your studies only but you became active in campus life and served three years on SGA!! I could have not chosen a better little brother to mentor four years ago you are truly a hardworking and intelligent man that I know will be successful in all that you do. Keep climbing brother

When your University President is letting them know that you're coming for the world, I'm taking it over 😬🎓🎓🎓
I can't believe it been 2 weeks!!!! The blessings don't stop for some reasons!!! #SmS #KduBonheur #myDU #DU16 #WeMadeIt #honor #Senegal #AfricanPride

When your dad hooks you up with a brand new 2016 Nissan Altima as a Graduation Gift!!! 2016 Grad => 2016 car. From a 2011 car to a 2016 one lol. He the plug bruuuh, the real MVP lol. I can't thank him enough, God blessed me with an amazing dad. #blessed
#GraduationGift #Nissan #BestDad #Thankful #alhamdulillah #classof2016 #Happy #SmS #KduBonheur

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