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Stacey  Run. Eat Plants. Climb. SLC.

Awwww yeah, this badass daddy rode his moto straight toward the heavens today. Damn, I'm gonna miss him tons. ❤️
Joan Halifax Roshi, again: "When we die, the lines that hold us to the shore of life are cast off. We move into unknown waters, far beyond our familiar ground ... Thus is the nature of dying: letting go into the unknown, casting off our moorings, and opening to the vastness of who we really are."

Growing up, I demanded so much of my father. I expected perfection, and when I didn't get it, I got angry. So angry. Only in his final days am I beginning to realize that my suffering was entirely of my own creation. The streams of tears are immense.
I've been reading Being with Dying by Joan Halifax and she has this to say: "Ultimately, to help others, we must relate with kindness toward our own rage, helplessness, and frustration, our doubt, bitterness, and fear. We must get in touch with the obstacles that prevent us from understanding and caring. Through accepting our own suffering, we can begin to be with others in a more open, kind, and understanding way. We learn not to reject difficult situations or people. Rather, we meet them exactly where they are ... We cannot prevent death from happening, or make it easier for the dying to accept it. We can learn to meet it and find mercy in it."

Day 4: She tells me that it's easier to run at mile 179 than 103. @naomiplasterer is in high spirits!

Day 3 of the Tahoe 200: What is trail? Where are feet? Why is wet?

The spectacular human to my right is dominating the Tahoe 200 right meow.

The daily commute with @mason_earle and @alcoconis

The man. The myth. The legend. Back at Burning Man for Round 3.

"Nobody cares about your Burning Man photos." 📷: @knizzyhoff

Aaaaaaaaand NOT the eclipse. Just White Pine Lake. So pretty!

I think @irving_matthew knew all along that the Timp Traverse would end in heinous bushwacking, and yet I believed him otherwise.

I thought this never ending road would be the near death of me, but just a short 15 minutes later Mother Nature burst onto the scene with an hour-long hail storm of epic proportions. Without the proper attire, we all froze our nuts off. I tried so hard to DNF at mile 55, fearing hypothermia. But the race organizers warned us against this idea and ushered us toward the finish with giant rain ponchos, hats, and gloves. If it wasn't for those gracious volunteers, we never would have seen the finish line. And more importantly, so psyched to have shared in the misery and been inspired by badass runner @shandikk. I know this is just the start of more adventures together. 📸= @salvatoreanthony7

That dude in the middle there, @salvatoreanthony7 , flew out from NYC this week to binge on Wasatch summits. Lucky for him, his pacer duties start just before that giant dip in the race profile, so he won't be missing out on any of the fun tomorrow.

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